21-Day Filmmaking Competition

What is the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition?

What are the categories for 21-Day Awards?

There's a Best Marketing Award? Does that mean we have to market our film?

Can I participate on more than one team?

Can I show clothing, scenery, or set dressing that has labels or logos on it? For example, an Eagles t-shirt, McDonald's or Star Wars poster in the background, etc.?

Can you give some examples of prior years' Secret Elements? I have no idea what to expect.

If I hand my film in, like, 1 minute late, that's okay, right? Because I was stuck in traffic/my team leader has the flu/(insert other perfectly reasonable reason).

Does my crew and cast have to be entirely volunteer, or can I pay them?

We want our cast and crew to be able to see the final cut of our film prior to its official World Premiere screening. Is it okay to put up a privately-accessible video online, or hold a cast/crew screening in somebody's house?

Can I use SAG/AFTRA talent in my film?

Can I participate if I'm not in Philly or can't attend the Launch Event?

I am on whatshisname's team, and I heard so and so has their script written already prior to the Launch Event! No fair!

We would like to list a person in the Special Thanks or other section of the credits, even though they were not involved in the actual production in any way, nor on set at any time. Are they required to sign the forms?

I know my 21-Day Film shouldn't be screened publicly before its World Premiere Screening, but what's a respectable time frame for uploading my short to vimeo, youtube and other venues after the premiere?

In 2014, the 21-Day Competition Screenings and PFAF are two separate events. I see that the 21-Day Films get submitted to The Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival as entries. Thanks and all, but... do we have to wait until after the 2015 PFAF to submit our 21-Day Film to other festivals?