21-Day Forms

Welcome, new and returning teams, to the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition!

Shortly after signing up for the Competition, the below forms are all emailed to the submitter for your Team’s use, and this page is included as a README file in the package.

Or, you may download all of them HERE.

The below may seem like a lot of paperwork (and it is), but it is required for a reason. Have one conversation with a filmmaker who has lost a composer or actor or location because they don’t sign off on a form, and holds the entire film hostage, and you’ll know a little paperwork is FAR superior an option to missing the deadline, or worse – losing your film to a legal loophole.

Besides which, our legal department requires WE have these if we are to promote you to other festivals. Note that you retain ALL ownership of your films!

  1. Official 21-Day Competition Rules (legalese) – for the easy-to-digest version, go HERE. (For your reference only – we do not need these handed in.)

Below are templates for the following required forms:

  1. Participants Agreement – to be signed by COPYRIGHT HOLDERS of the film. Usually this means the Team Leader and other producers. (One form per copyright holder or”Member”)
  2. Certification Form – basically certifies that you followed the rules, and have all your paperwork in order (One per team)
  3. Promotional Form – Tells us about your film so we can screen it properly, and promote for you. (One per team)

And below are releases. You should acquire one per individual involved in your project, depending on their involvement.

  1. Cast & Crew Release – for cast and crew members. (Note: Teams with SAG/AFTRA cast members should work with them through official SAG/AFTRA agreements. See below.)
  2. Location Release – for location owner (even if it’s your sister’s house)
  3. Music Release – for musicians/copyright holders on any score or song featured within the film (if using royalty-free stock music, please include the notice from stock library outlining as much with your paperwork – must be free for COMMERCIAL USE)
  4. Materials Release – for any artist whose work appears in the film (photographer whose photography is featured, producer of film playing in the background of scene, fine artist whose art was commissioned for film, etc. – NO, you do not need Michelangelo’s signature if filming in Sistine Chapel)


SAG/AFTRA Guidelines

These forms are due with your completed film postmarked or hand-delivered on or prior to the Drop Event date. So you’ll have a mighty stack of paperwork to hand in with your film. Even if you’re working solo, your film will not accepted without at least the Participants Agreement, Certification Form, and Promotional Form.