The 21-Day Filmmaking Competition gives teams of filmmakers and animators from around the world the opportunity to make films and animations up to 10 minutes long in just 21 days.

We provide inspiration (“The Element”), motivation (a competition!), a World Premiere theatrical screening and worldwide promotion after the festival ends.

2013 Team Signups are now CLOSED.

FINAL DEADLINE extended to August 2nd. Last chance to sign up for 2013!
Need more info first? Read on!
When does filmmaking take place? The 2013 competition Launches August 3rd, 2013 and wraps on August 24th, 2013.
Why make a Team? The 21-Day Filmmaking Competition gives filmmakers and animators the motivation to produce original work with a realistic deadline and friendly competition, ample resources to build a cast and crew, and more screenings and exposure possibilities for your new opus than you can’t find anywhere else!
How does it work?
Launch Event (filmmaking begins): Teams (and anyone else who wishes to attend) are invited to our Launch Event in Philadelphia, PA, August 3rd, 2013 (location TBD) to hear the rules, ask questions, and network with actors, musicians, and crew to complete their dream teams. The event culminates with the reveal of the “Secret Element” that all films must include. Hundreds of filmmakers, actors, writers, artists, and enthusiasts flock to this FREE event for the opportunity to join forces, win raffles, eat food and drink alcohol. It’s awesome.
Teams and volunteers from other regions flock to our online network to join forces virtually, share resources, and ALL TEAMS receive the Element simultaneously via email! Filmmakers can participate from anywhere. In 2012, Teams signed up from as far as California, and even Hong Kong!
Drop Event & Wrap Party (filmmaking ends): At the Drop Event on August 24th, films and supplemental materials are due in person at the Drop location, or postmarked or timestamped and delivered digitally to our offices. After the pressure is off, Teams local to Philly share heroic tales and horror stories on camera, and celebrate their achievements at our official Wrap Party!
Festival Screenings: All films completed within the deadline are guaranteed a World Premiere screening at Project Twenty1’s 2013 Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival, September 27th-29th, and are eligible for awards in a dozen categories, including Best Acting, Best Directing, Best Writing, Best Use of Element, Best Effects, and of course, Best Film.
Additional Promotion: The promotion of our 21-Day filmmakers doesn’t end with our festival in September. Top films receive a commercial release on DVD, listing on imdb, and submission to Project Twenty1’s Screening Partners, thus saving our filmmaking Teams hundreds of dollars and giving them tons of exposure! Our filmmakers retain 100% ownership of their films FOREVER. We simply act as a non-exclusive agent.
Prizes: Check the Prize page for the latest updates!
Read the Official Rules.
Congratulations to the bold and creative geniuses below who’ve chosen to take up the gauntlet in this year’s 21-Day Filmmaking Competition!

Official 2013 Teams:

(Veteran Team) (Rookie Team)
Team Sickening Thud – Wedge Wegman, Philadelphia, PA
Team Justice Productions – Doug Seidel, Monroe Twp, NJ
Team Mecha Kaiju – Shannon Hall,  Montgomery Village, MD
Team GuyLoki Films – Steve Bradford, Washington, DC
Team Thing One – James Ford-Hutchinson, New Brunswick, NJ
Team Badger Tsunami – Mike Fenton, Philadelphia, PA
Team Tilted Straight Productions – Bill Shannon, Clifton Heights, PA
Team Blackjack – Brandon Podell, Holland, PA
Team Coming Through the Door – Wayne Geschwindt, Philadelphia, PA
Team Super COMBO Comedy – Joshua Pilch, Oakford, PA
Team 10 Mile – Mike Madigan, Troy, MI
Team Inglorious Splicers – Brian Carlin, Conshohocken, PA
Team half-watt Productions – Lee Vetter, Riverside, NJ
Team Chocolate Bar Studios – Gregory Gant, Furlong, PA
Team Clever Title – Stuart Gould, San Bernardino, CA
Team Dapper Rapscallion – Joseph Torres, Philadelphia, PA
Team Pure Genius Pictures – John Morgera, Wilmington, DE
Team Art Party Pictures – Kevin Corcoran, Media, PA
Team Shochu Cat – Pang Men Wai, HONG KONG
Team Drop the Hat – Jason Heffner, Philadelphia, PA
Team Drop Dead Rising – Edward Barger, North Wales, PA
Team Assembled! – Keith Chamberlain, Blackwood, NJ
Team EPV Films – Chris Casaburi, Caramel, NY
Team Flaming Marshmallow Productions – John Craig, Margate City, NJ
Team Stone Soup Productions – Robert Tronieri, Philadelphia, PA
Team The Board of Sound and Light – Aaron Clark, Lansing, MI
Team Boy Robot – Andre Bennett, Philadelphia, PA
Team Quantum Leap – Tom Ianieri, Clifton Heights, PA
Team Studio92 – Derek Mindler, Hellertown, PA

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