Project Twenty1’s mission is EPIC. We Educate, Promote, Inspire, and Connect artists through film and animation programs, in order to help build their creative passions into careers. While schools may provide many skills needed to create great work, they rarely provide tools such as access to collaborators, funding, theatrical public exhibition, or distribution. Project Twenty1 strives to fill those gaps, to help each artist, no matter where they are in their career, to reach the next step.


Project Twenty1 will be an aspiring filmmaker’s go-to organization when they have hit a wall at any stage of their film career. We will act as an incubator – a resource for the next generation of Steven Spielbergs and Quentin Tarantinos.

By educating as well as allowing access to career-building connections, we will become a tool to help all levels of content creator, and to help them form the relationships needed to make a name for themselves. Project Twenty1 will guide selected projects through production, and into the hands of distributors.