IMG_3472TNProject Twenty1

“Organizations like Project Twenty1 are critical to the survival of independent artists and filmmakers.” PA Senator Daylin Leach (click to read Senator Leach’s full support letter)

“Not Just A Film Festival. To be sure, this isn’t some ill-defined, flighty boast about how they offer moviemakers ‘so much more than the average festival’. The group is literally more than just a film festival.” -MovieMaker Magazine

“With Project Twenty1, Stephanie Yuhas and Matt Conant are not only removing all the usual roadblocks independent filmmakers encounter trying to get their work screened; they’re opening up those avenues to regular people too.” -The Times Herald (Montgomery County, PA)

“New… fresh… unique… full of promise… With a unique perspective and an original twist, Project Twenty1 is determined and prepared to find the best talents.” -Maelan Magazine

“Project Twenty1 presents unique opportunities to showcase Philadelphia as a premier industry location, perfect for both indie and big-budget films.” 
-Innovation Philadelphia

“By basing the festival in Philadelphia, [Project Twenty1] hopes to showcase what this city can offer to aspiring moviemakers.” -Lorraine Gennaro, South Philly Review

“This is so, so much better than reality TV. It is about real talent and art.” –Akiko Ashley, Founder, Luminetik Animation Studio

“This is one of the best ideas ever for Independent Filmmakers. You are the type of festival I think all filmmakers dream of. You’re getting the films ‘out there’.” -Anthony Gutierrez, IFFYNTX (International Film Festival for Y’all North Texas)

“This is one of the best festival events in the Philly area.” –Richard Schimelfenig, filmmaker, Delaware

“Thanks! This encourages people like me that its not just a film festival for real :)” -Emily Gathoni, screenwriter, Finland

“Project Twenty 1 has been an invaluable resource for me.  It has provided me the opportunity to work with numerous Philadelphia-based indie film directors.  In fact, several clips on my demo reel are from films shot specifically for the 21 day filmmaking competition. Participating is one of the best investments an indie filmmaker can make.” -Dawn Harvey, actress and participant

“I would like to thank you, because you are the reason I got my first job. If you had never posted last year [for a 21-Day Film needing crew] I would have never, ever realized I wanted to work in movies.” -John Rattacasa, filmmaker and participant

009-Launch-CrowdTNThe 21-Day Filmmaking Competition

“[The Launch Event] was sort of amazing. The laws of magnetism were in full effect. The people that I was meant to meet naturally gravitated to me…I made at least 30 contacts and the majority of the people at the event were extremely nice. The event organizers were very professional.” -Nathan Zens-Sapien, (NJ) Actor & Writer

“1st day of shooting done and I still can’t sleep, the adrenaline is flowing through my veins, thanks for bringing me back to life.” -Steve Felt, Team South Jersey (NJ)

“It’s clear that both Matt and [Stephanie] really “get” the world us aspiring filmmakers live in. I hope you keep Project Twenty1 going forever.” -David Matteson, Team Synthetic Human, Phoenix, AZ

“I enjoyed these 3 weeks fantastically, it’s great how working to a deadline as tight as this really makes you commit to a piece…But unfortunately, your tea here in Philadelphia is rubbish.” –Dominic Mayer, Team Phantasm (United Kingdom)
“The perfect balance between the insanity of 48 hour film projects and the endless post production nightmares that feature films sometimes find themselves victim of.” -John Flynn, Team Faultline (Philadelphia, PA)
“Project Twenty1 is gonna be awesome… again. I can’t wait to say “this is the best thing I’ve ever done” and then you can cut to me saying the same thing last year. And I’ll say the same thing next year too… until I win my Oscar and I become too good for you.” -Jason Heffner, Team Drop the HAT (Philadelphia, PA)
“Matt & Stephanie [the Project Twenty1 founders] are two of the hardest working people I’ve ever known, and if they were paid based on talent, ability, and pure moxie they’d be the richest people on this planet… If you’re a filmmaker then you owe yourself the opportunity they offer to raise your profile – and your game – to an international level by being a part of their next festival.” –Anthony Griffin, Team With No Name (Grand Rapids, MI)
“Just wanted to thank Project Twenty1 and the producers, Steph and Matt, for creating one of the best film festivals around. This really is a breath of fresh air.” -Kevin Lee, Team 509 (Philadelphia, PA)

“If you are serious about being involved in the film industry… One of the best film festivals/competitions around!” 
–Scott Ennis, Team Screen Screams (New London, CT)

“This is the real deal in short film competitions!”  –Ricardo Finnis, Team Genesis Entertainment Group (Sunrise, FL)

“I wish we could have stayed in Philly longer!!!! What an adventure!… We were buzzing with emotion all through the shoot. But I never expected other people would feel it too! Project Twenty1, you’ve awakened the sleeping acting beast within. Bring on the next festival!!!” –Grace Rowan, Team With No Name (Grand Rapids, MI)

“Loved it. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!”  -Team Felt Media (Philadelphia, PA)

“We had a blast and would love to participate again! We loved the networking and the way things have been run. Plus the work you have put into marketing our film with the project.” –Team Justice Productions, (Monroe, NJ)

“Your festival is the only reason that I keep pushing myself to make films.” -Andrey Nikiforov, Team Kifa Productions (Philadelphia, PA)

“You were all so helpful and friendly. Thanks!!!” –Team Flame Girl Productions, (Philadelphia, PA)

003-AndrewsM90-byLeeRosenfeldtPhiladelphia Film & Animation Festival

“If you’re an undiscovered filmmaker looking for your big break, send your latest (maybe only) masterpiece to the Project Twenty1 Philadelphia Filmathon.” -Kelly Bayliss, NBC Philadelphia

“I’ve been lucky enough to be accepted to a few festivals, but you guys have by far been the best to work with. Something as simple as letting me know you received my film (and even checked it to make sure it works!) is awesome. And I love that I could send it to you digitally, ensuring the best quality. So I just wanted to thank you and reiterate how honored I am to be in the festival. Thanks!” -Nikki Lemon, independent filmmaker “Wonder”


Shorts & Shots

“This is a great opportunity to screen that homemade film that’s been sitting neglected on your computer for years, or that awesome new art school project.” -Samantha Lazar, UWishuNu

“It is a night that combines networking, screenings and environmentalism. This event proves that the Philadelphia Film Festival/CineFest is not the only game in town.” -Lavinia DeCastro, South Jersey Courier Post