Bloomfield, NJ: Casting Call, Dec 10, Indie film

December 8, 2011 in for actors, opportunities by admin

Project Title: “Time after Yesterday”

Auditions will be held on Saturday, Dec. 10th from 10:00am – 1:00pm at Essex Junior Academy (683 Bloomfield Ave, Bloomfield, NJ). Come prepared with a 1-2 minute monologue, head shot and resume. If you are unable to make this casting call, you can also email me a video monologue (1-2 minutes) at Please include your name, age, email address, and telephone number at which you can be reached. Video audition deadline is also Dec. 10th! For more information, email Cathryn Stanley at and join our facebook group: “Time After Yesterday” the movie.

Writer: Cathryn Stanley

Category: Independent Film (Non-Union)

Director: Cathryn Stanley

Salary: Stipends offered for select roles

Location: New Jersey/New York

Project Description: The film tells the dramatic tale of two African-American teenage girls, from different backgrounds, who experience significant loss in traumatic ways. The girls must fight to overcome their inner hate, which exists because of their differences both physical and socioeconomic, in order to find their way to love, healing, and the bonds of true friendship.


Martin: 45-50; African-American male; Summer’s father; affluent; anxious

Samantha: 40-45; African-American female Summer’s mother; affluent; playful; calming

Aunt Kay: 40-50; African-American female; Summer’s aunt; underprivileged; understanding; comedic (supporting)

Bria: 10-14; African-America female; Winter’s sister; sweet; innocent (supporting)

Michelle: 35-40; African-American female; Winter’s mother; depressed; homeless; mean; angry (supporting)

Mrs. Hawkins: 35; female; principal; workaholic; stern but kind; inattentive to husband at times (lead)

Matthew: 39; male; Mrs. Hawkins’ husband; barbershop owner; loving; wants his wife’s attention (supporting)

Rodney: 30; Mrs. Hawkins’ brother; comedic; outspoken

Coach Perez: 30; Hispanic male; Track coach; tough, but fun and charismatic; emotional; caring (lead)

Rachel: 25; Coach Perez’s wife; Alcoholic; temperamental; violent; wild; immature

Tricia: 16; female; student; instigator; gossiper

Kim: 15; female; student; peace-maker

Jacquie: 17; female; student; gossiper; anxious

Eric: 17; male; student; caring; charming; nervous around Winter; Pastor’s son (supporting)

Pastor Reynolds: 45; male; sensible; charitable; down-to-earth

Cashier: no-nonsense; firm

Mother: 30s; female; quiet; nurturing

Daughter 1: 9-14; female

Daughter 2: 4-8; female

Store Owner: concerned

Raheem: 18-25; African-American male

Policeman 1: blunt

Policeman 2: sympathetic

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