Capacity Building FAQ

The mission of Project Twenty1 is to Educate, Promote, Inspire and Connect our artists and creatives, and to build their passions into careers. We are committed to running programs that do all of these things for the foreseeable future.

In support of this mission, we have administered programs such as The Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival and the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition on a volunteer-basis for our first eight years of life. During this time period, revenue generated by our programs including team signups, submission fees, and ticket sales result in a combined 8% of our operating revenue. Another 7% comes from individual contributions and memberships like yours. The remaining 85% has thus far been contributed by our founders, and our wonderful staff of dedicated volunteers.

We are currently 1) building our board, 2) fundraising and 3) prioritizing our programs, so that the organization can become sustainable long-term.

Want to help by contributing, fundraising, or sponsoring our programs? Or feel like you have what it takes to be a board member? Contact us!

Read through the FAQ below, and it should answer many of your questions about this phase of growth for Project Twenty1.

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