Montgomery County, PA: Casting Nerds & Geeks, age 21-35 (volunteer)

March 1, 2012 in for actors, opportunities by admin

Expires 4/1/12

Nerdy Indie Webseries

Indie production house is seeking locals with a background in acting on camera, comedy, and/or improv to launch a new webseries.  Series will delve into various topics of geekdom, including sci-fi & horror movies, comics, video games, and other nerdy delights. You must be fluent in English, and local to Montgomery County, PA. We will be shooting at least bi-monthly.


Yorie: Petite women of Asian Descent, age 21-35: Bubbly and outgoing in conversation, incredibly angry and incorrigible when playing video games (especially shooters). Must not have problem with using excess profanity.

George: Man age 21-35 of African/Carribbean descent. Knowledgeable about movie/tv trivia and games, but much less socially awkward than the rest of the gang. Image the attitude of “Stephan Urkel” with the knowledge of “Steve Urkel”.

Various Cameos, men & women, age 21-35: Since this is an ongoing production, we’re also open to other characters that bring a unique voice to the table that we can “write in”. We want to break the stereotype that “nerds” are all skinny white guys with glasses, so people of all cultures, shapes, sizes, gender identity, and sexual preference are encouraged to apply. Bonus if you’re already a part of a nerdy webseries – we love collaborations.

Other Details:

This is NOT your typical no-production value webcam show.  We’re a group of professional video producers and screenwriters that work on narrative fiction and corporate projects year-round. Work has been very slow for all of us with the economy, so we’re all donating our time, equipment, and connections to this passion project.  We’re lucky enough to have a high-profile promotional partners secured for this project and the pilot is anticipated to receive around 100,000 views (one of our last projects received 500,000+). If the series is a success, we have the connections to monetize the content through our ad partners and pay everyone, but we’re realistic -  our first step is gaining visibility.


Please e-mail headshots or even just a current, clear photo of yourself (doesn’t have to be fancy), some general info about your nerdy interests/hobbies, location, and relevant experience to


This opportunity was posted on the behalf of our community and is independent of our programs. Please contact the e-mail address above with any questions.

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