Can’t Make Our Earth Hour Event? Host Your Own!

March 25, 2009 in Uncategorized by admin

Green EarthLet’s just be clear for starters: This is for our film geeks who live more than an hour and a half outside of Philly.  If you are within that radius and you *aren’t* at the Show Us Your Shorts event then you are just plain wrong.  No other event in Philly that night will feature free food, cheap drinks, great films and an opportunity to network with local artists so we know we’ll see all you locals out at Marbar.

That being said, our filmmakers from Hawaii or the UK, for example, are excused from attending.  In fact, since Earth Hour  is designed tohelp us be concious of fighting global climate change by turning out the lights for an hour then I suppose the carbon foot pring of a trans-Atlantic flight would be downright gauche.  Therefore, we offer the following alternatives for our far flung film makers and general creative-types who want to be with us in spirit but can’t be with us in person:

1)  Throw the circuit breaker and get out the candles.  Better yet, do that in reverse order so you don’t break your collar bone coming back up the basement stairs.  Also have ready: pen and paper.  Write for one hour straight.  If you are a film maker, poet or other creative writer by nature (or by trade) then this is a great time to get in sixty minutes of uninterrupted creativity.   If you aren’t a writer at all then this is a great chance to journal, get out frustrations on paper, or write out your goals for the coming week, month or year.  Variation: For visual artists use this time to storyboard, design your next movie poster, or write/sketch/ink a comic.

2) Shut off everything in the house from TV and cablebox to lights and fans and then head outside for a walk.  If you live in a rural area or your city is hip (and safe) enough to kill the lights, take a flashlight with you.  Be sure to load it with rechargable batteries and find out where you can recycle spent batteries locally!  Then, allow yourself an hour to wander with your thoughts.  Many film makers and artists find that they get the best ideas when they can take some quiet time to themselves.

3) Invite your friends over for a night of movie charades by candle light.  Encourage them to run, bike, walk, rollerblade or otherwise locomote themselves to your abode sans internal combustion engine.  For snacks, pick up something healthy and locally grown at a farmer’s maret and go local for beer and/or wine as well.  With your snacks and libations all grown and crafted nearby you’ll keep a low carbon foot and the movie charades are a sure crowd pleaser.

4) Do something creative that you would love to do but never make time for.  Be bold! Do you remember kindergarten?  We all got crayons and clay, and we ALL created.  It doesn’t matter if we’re not Michaelangelo, it matters that we are joyfully creative.  When we were babies we worked many hard months to roll over, then stand, toodle, walk, etc.  Nobody jumps out of the crib and sprints a marathon but for some reason we’re told that we’re either brilliant artists or not, and if you aren’t getting masterpeices comissioned that you shouldn’t be making art at all.  To that we say phooey!  Who knows, maybe you’ll even be inspired to creat a team for the 21 Day Filmmaking Competition.  What?  We swear it’s a coincidece that this event and the first chance to sign up are the same day.  Really! ;-)

p-21-logo-green-web15) Don’t get pregnant/chocked full of STD’s! Seriously, we’re glad you’re thinking of ways to spend an hour of the lights down all on your own.  Heck, you’re even on the right track with a zero carbon emissions activity that doubles as great cardio.  But seriously guys, if you spend Earth Hour doing “extra-curricular activties”, WRAP IT UP!  Additionally, it should be noted that while we encourage film making ideas during this hour, this isn’t something that we can run at our festival.  Even if it were, who wants to admit that they’d qualify for a ten minute time slot?!  Have fun and BE SAFE! :)  

Have your own Earth Hour ideas? Post them here!