Lucky Strike’s Dress Code

Dress Code: Lucky Strike Philadelphia
Project Twenty1 Launch Event

Lucky Strike is an upscale lounge & lanes that enforces a dress code.  We figured you guys would look nice since this is a business networking event, but thought we should mention it.

Neat, Casual Fitted Attire

For example, the following items are not permitted:

  • Excessively baggy clothing (Tuck-ins not permitted)
  • Plain white t-shirts (short or long sleeve)
  • Men’s sleeveless shirts (women are allowed to wear sleeveless shirts/tanks/dresses)
  • Motorcycle club colors
  • Athletic wear, sweats or sports jerseys
  • Chains
  • Ripped/Soiled Clothing
  • Work boots (regular shoes, flip flops, open toed shoes, etc. are okay)
  • Headgear (Exceptions for ball caps, stylish hats, religious attire)

No outside food or drinks are allowed in the venue with the exception of cake.

*If in doubt, call (215) 545-2471 to ask.