Festival Award Winners Announced

October 3, 2011 in Newsletter by admin

Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival Winners

The Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival Official Selections are determined by a panel of over 35 unbiased community screeners in the Greater Philadelphia Area. A panel of industry judges decides the nominees award finalists, but as a very competitive festival (only the top 10% of the films selected screen), all of the Official Selections are truly winners.

Best Feature: Animation
Winner: “The Lady of Names”
Best Feature: Live-Action
Winner: “Chasing the White Dragon”
Best Music Video
  • Portland Cello Project’s “Denmark”
  • The Girls’ “Keenan at Sea”
  • Zach Laliberte’s “Daydream”
Winner: The Girls’ ‘Keenan at Sea’
Honorable Mention: Portland Cello Project’s “Denmark”
Best Short: Live-Action
  • Bad Influences
  • La Migala
  • Refren për Kosovën
Winner: Refren për Kosovën
Honorable Mention: STUFFER

Best Short: Animation


  • Gilded Age Gladiator
  • Worlds Apart
  • The Lighthouse
Winner: Worlds Apart
Honorable Mention: Gilded Age Gladiator & VICENTA (tie)

21-Day Filmmaking Competition

The 21-Day filmmaking competition is a program where teams of creatives have only three weeks to create a short film or animation based on a common secret element. This year’s element was “Start With a Crash”.

Since all shorts completed on time screen as a part of the festival, these awards heavily focus on the technical elements of filmmaking and topics very specific to create a film in 21-Days.

Audience Awards

Red Screening: Team GuyLoki Films: “The Schlonburger Certainty Postulator”

Orange Screening: an Exact TIE! (we counted TWICE):  Team with No Name: “The Girl with the Blue Eyes”  & Team Philagape: “The Ruby Runs Red”

Yellow Screening: Team Dragon Crest Productions: “Little Dudes”

Green Screening: Team Spinshot Films: “Making an Impact”

Blue Screening:  Team Above-the-Line Entertainment: “The Butler Did It”

Best Use of Element:


  • Team Awkward Science: What Goes Up…
  • Team Spinshot Films: Making an Impact
  • Team Land Mines: Bleak Days
  • Team Vector: Family Tree
  • Team Art Party Pictures: Crashing by Design

Winner: Team Art Party Pictures: Crashing by Design

Best Costume Design (New 2011 Category!)


  • Team Half-Watt Productions: The Thin Gray Line
  • Team Philagape: The Ruby Runs Red
  • Team Above-the-Line Entertainment: The Butler Did It
  • Team Crackerhammer Productions: Spirits in the Attic
  • Team Justice Productions: Duo of Justice in Two Capes and a Baby

Winner: Team Half-Watt Productions:The Thin Gray Line

Best Sound Design:

  • Team 10 Mile: Collusion
  • Team Badger Tsunami: My Brother’s Keeper
  • Team Above-the-Line Entertainment:The Butler Did It
  • Team with No Name:The Girl with Blue Eyes
  • Team Hot Pie: Bumps in the Night

Winner: Team 10 Mile: Collusion

Best Music:

  • Team Fire & Grace: Goodbye, Love
  • Team Badger Tsunami: My Brother’s Keeper
  • Team Scumberland Production: Club 27
  • Team Slap Stick: Do Unto Others…Then Run
  • Team Mike Tyson Connection: Crashing Through

Winner: Team Badger Tsunami: My Brother’s Keeper

Best Visual Effects:

  • Safe Haven
  • My Name is Steve
  • My Brother’s Keeper
  • Good Fortune
  • The Schlonburger Certainty Postulator

Winner: Team JB Productions: My Name is Steve

Best Editing:

  • Collusion
  • The Girl with Blue Eyes
  • Battle in Suburbia
  • Abigail
  • The Butler Did It

Winner: Team Emerald Productions: Abigail

Best Animation:

  • Friedman Equation
  • Squawks of Fury!
  • Little Dudes
  • Family Tree
  • Go West

Winner: Team Dragon Crest Productions: Little Dudes

Best Cinematography:

  • Making an Impact
  • My Name is Steve
  • My Brother’s Keeper
  • Team 2.40:1: Anna
  • The Fall of Atlas

Winner: Anna

Best Acting:

  • Two Stories Up
  • The Groove Ground
  • Little Angel
  • Team 2.40:1: Anna
  • Loyal Betrayal

Winner: Team Master Seven Productions: Two Stories Up

Best Concept:

  • Family Tree
  • Making an Impact
  • Oops
  • The Butler Did It
  • BOOGIE, Heart of a Champion (The Preston Hale Story)

Winner: Team Vector: Family Tree

Best Writing:

  • Collusion
  • Crashing by Design
  • The Fairy Prince..?
  • The Butler Did It
  • The Ruby Runs Red

Winner: Team Above-the-Line Entertainment: The Butler Did It

Best Directing:

  • Oops
  • The Girl with Blue Eyes
  • Oscillating Garrett
  • My Brother’s Keeper
  • Alice

Winner: TIE: Team With No Name: The Girl with Blue Eyes & Team Frank ‘n’ Nasty: Alice

Best Film

  • The Butler Did It
  • The Fairy Prince..?
  • Two Stories Up
  • Making an Impact
  • The Girl with Blue Eyes

Winner: Making an Impact

Marketing Awards

As a volunteer-run community festival that markets through word-of-mouth and social media rather than huge advertising campaigns, we recognize the participants that make efforts to promote their work and this festival.

Best Marketing – Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival Official Selections:

  • Worlds Apart: For an exceptional online trailer and pro-active attitude of Cogwells College for submitting their students’ films to festivals, helping them get to their premieres, and promoting their work online)
  • “Murgi Keno Mutant (Attack of the Killer Mutant Chickens): For excellent print materials and graphic design and for paying the way of a complete stranger in need that wanted to see the film but did not have the financial means [yes, we heard about that. That was really sweet of you.]
  • Becoming Tina: For great graphic design, an excellent trailer, and sheer volume of online promotion through social media through Facebook, event calendars, etc.

Winner: Becoming Tina

Best Marketing – 21-Day Filmmaking Competition


  • Team Philagape: The Ruby Runs Red: For a long list of marketing techniques (that they summarized in this PDF), in addition to hosting an “Indie Film Night” at their church to exhibit their previous work and promote their 21-Day Trailer to the community.
  • Team Scumberland: Club 27: For excellent graphic design, “SWAG”, and fun theater “clappy-hands” (not sure what everyone else in the theater thought about them, but we thought they were funny)
  • Team Dragoncrest Productions: Little Dudes: For excellent graphic design and a really sharp poster
  • Team With No Name:  The Girl with Blue Eyes: For the “final film” promo campaign, Michigan outreach, radio spots & podcasts, and trailers

Winner: Team Philagape: The Ruby Runs Red

Founder Awards:
(These  change every year to keep you on your toes)

Most Baffling Marketing Campaign
These teams went above and beyond to baffle the festival founders with their “anti-marketing”. We LOVE you guys, but next year, make a poster or something. :)


  • Emerald Productions & Team Justice Productions  for killing their two team leaders and running a marketing campaign that we weren’t legally allowed to market and making their moms cry.
  • Team Sickening Thud who made podcasts saying that their film wasn’t going well and hated each other when they DID finish their film and love each other.
  • Team 2.40:1 who made a trailer for a fake “lousy film” film instead of for the one they actually made
  • Team Lion’s Head with the fake trailer that made Jeff Orens look like a total jerk

Winner: Emerald Productions & Team Justice Productions

Susie Filmmaker Award
Best Female Lead (Whose Film Name  happens to starts with an A)

  • Anna (in “Anna”)
  • Abigail (in “Abigail”)
  • Alice (in “Alice”)

WINNER: Team 2.40:1: Anna (as played by Anna Colianni)

For support of local arts and culture initiatives arts  and culture to the business
Honoree: Paul Piantone, Tone Realty Co

In recognition of new major partners that aid Project Twenty1′s year-round programs and mission.

  • Screenwave Media (major in-kind support through community education,  IT support, donations, and upgrades)

Project Twenty1′s mission of Exhibiting, Promoting, Inspiring, and Connecting creatives through film and animation. The following individuals are team-players with good attitudes that embody the Project Twenty1 spirit.

Winner:  Project Twenty1 to the Death

Original idea by Chris Pierdomenico & Doug Seidel that involved at least ten production companies from all over the U.S.A. (please let us know if we missed anyone):

  1. Justice Productions
  2. JB Productions
  3. Dragoncrest Productions
  4. Above-the-Line Entertainment
  5. Philagape Productions
  6. Emerald Productions
  7. Sickening Thud Productions
  8. Team Frank n’ Nasty
  9. Team Jobin
  10. Team with No Name
  11. Team Lion’s Head Productions

See it online here.