Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival FAQ

Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival

I heard this festival is good for networking, but I'm shy. What should I do?

Do you offer discounted hotel rooms for people coming in from out of town?

How do I get to the Festival and around Philadelphia?

Can you throw my film or animation up on the screen at the Festival?

But I thought we were friends! Can you PLEASE sneak my film into the Festival?

When is my film screening? Where can I see a complete schedule?

I'd like to speak at the fest/host a workshop. How can I do that?

What does it mean if there is a film "not in competition"?

When are your submission deadlines?

What’s the difference between Project Twenty1 Membership and being an All-Access Passholder?

Why was my film rejected from the festival? I'm a friend/Member/supporter!

Can I get a refund or waiver of my submission fees?

What is the difference between a ticket and an All-Access Pass?

My country/employer will pay my way for me to attend your festival, but they need a letter confirming my screening.

Can I have (insert number) extra tickets/passes for my crew/cast/celebrities?

What’s the deal with the Red Carpet Awards Ceremony? Do I need a tux? Can I get in without a pass?

Can you pay my (airfare, hotel, limo, gondola, cargo freight) to get out to Philly to attend my screening?

I really want to go to a specific workshop. Where can I buy a workshop ticket?

Where can I buy tickets to individual screenings?