Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival FAQ

Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival

I heard this festival is good for networking, but I'm shy. What should I do?

Do you offer discounted hotel rooms for people coming in from out of town?

How do I get to the Festival and around Philadelphia?

Can you throw my film or animation up on the screen at the Festival?

  • We've created the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition as a fantastic way to be a part of this Festival. 21-Day Films compete in their own categories, and there are lots of them!
  • Shorts & Shots is also a quick & easy way for anyone to have their work screened in front of a group of people. Please help us continue those events by making a donation.
  • If you would like to sponsor a Shorts & Shots or other screening in order to help our community and promote your business or film, contact us at projecttwenty1 (at) to become an Official Sponsor.
  • If you're an independent and want to sponsor an entire screening, our Board of Directors can take that into consideration, but we need about six months notice and you will not be in competition. Our awards remain prestigious because they are not for sale.
As a final important word, please do NOT become a donor/volunteer/apprentice or offer to buy us donuts, flowers, and puppies in an attempt to help your chances of getting into the Festival. We've rejected our own family members before. Yes, we're cold.

But I thought we were friends! Can you PLEASE sneak my film into the Festival?

When is my film screening? Where can I see a complete schedule?

I'd like to speak at the fest/host a workshop. How can I do that?

What does it mean if there is a film "not in competition"?

When are your submission deadlines?

Why was my film rejected from the festival? I'm a friend/Member/supporter!

Can I get a refund or waiver of my submission fees?

What is the difference between a ticket and an All-Access Pass?

My country/employer will pay my way for me to attend your festival, but they need a letter confirming my screening.

Can I have (insert number) extra tickets/passes for my crew/cast/celebrities?

What’s the deal with the Red Carpet Awards Ceremony? Do I need a tux? Can I get in without a pass?

Can you pay my (airfare, hotel, limo, gondola, cargo freight) to get out to Philly to attend my screening?

I really want to go to a specific workshop. Where can I buy a workshop ticket?

Where can I buy tickets to individual screenings?