Official Selections – 21-Day Filmmaking Competition

For the inaugural competition in 2006, the secret element was “21″.  There were a total of 17 films selected for the festival.  (films listed in alphabetical order by title)

21 Seconds
Team IIDieIV (Philadelphia, PA)
A man searches for his lover, who disappears after being left alone for a mere 21 seconds.
A Permanent Change
Team Supercala (Philadelphia, PA)
Women should never be touched… unless asked.


Team Super Nerve (Wilmington, DE)
A good man is forced to satisfy the Balance, a force which lies between good and evil.

Body of Work
Team GOSONO (Southampton, PA)
An artist struggles to create the perfect surreal sculpture.

Team Spookbuggy (Philadelphia, PA)
A series of coincidences end up proving that wheelchairs do not roll easily in the sand.
WINNER: Best Effects

Forgotten Melody
Team Cold City (Mililani, HI)
In a future where music is banned, two thieves steal a musical artifact.
WINNER: Best Cinematography

Funky Monkey
Team Pow Pow (New York, NY)
A roommate’s decision on revenge takes him down the wrong path.

Team Totorres (Stratford, NJ)
It’s 10:00pm, do you know where your children are?

I Never Liked Mushrooms
Team Access (Pasadena, MD)
A father tries to make up for past ills with his eldest son.

In Zakk’s Case
Team 509 (Turnersville, NJ)
A man has 21 chances to survive a day that is trying to kill him.
WINNER:  Best Film, Best Writing

Lucky Number 21
Team Genesis Entertainment Group (Sunrise, FL)
If you want something… it’ll cost you.
WINNER: Best Soundtrack, Best Editing, Best Directing

Nigel Woolcock’s Travels in the Orient Volume XXI: Japan
Team Exiles (Kannari, JAPAN)
Nigel Woolcock teaches his viewers about Japan in his own inimitable, and not quite accurate, way.

One Over

Team DMPU (Philadelphia, PA)
A man is denied at the express checkout lane for reasons unknown.
WINNER: Best Use of Element

Red Seven
Team With No Name (Grand Rapids, MI)
Love’s the largest gamble of all.
WINNER: Best Acting

Second Sight
Team Manlet (Philadelphia, PA)
A youth wakes up with precognitive powers the day of his big job interview.

Team Screen Screams (New London, CT)
Four friends sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, never suspecting it might be their last.
WINNER: Best Marketing

The 21st Element
Team Drop The Hat (Sellersville, PA)
A group of friends attempts to prevent the loss of the rare element Scandium to the North Koreans.

Official Selections – Project Twenty1 Spotlight

For the inaugural festival in 2006,  a special selection of films and animations were selected for exhibition  (films listed in alphabetical order by title).

#1 – Madame
Directors: Ajay Bhai & Marquise Lee
One clerk, one white lady… No problems!

#2 – One Day
Director: Sam Nalband
This film follows, in real time, one man’s poor decisions, and the tragic results.

#3 – Birthday Bus
Director: Thomas Weiser
It’s not a bus… it’s a wolf!

#4 – Moov
Director: Nhieu Do
Experimental film on movement.

#5 – The Promotion
Director: EdmondHawkins
It’s Man vs. Machine in this workplace battle of the wills.

#6 – Piz
Directors: Nicolai Pinguel & Mike T. Mullen
Piz–the candy dispensers for the new generation.

#7 – America’s Most Dumbass Criminals
Director: Mike T. Mullen
America’s Most Dumbass Criminals – Caught on Tape!