Victory! (well, almost!)

September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized by admin

Almost three weeks ago, we started a 21-Day fundraiser to cover the materials costs of a red carpet event in an effort to bring a little glamor to Philadelphia. We would like to announce that due to the collaborative marketing efforts and thrifty shopping tips of all of our filmmakers, actors, musicians, artists, writers, and supporters, as of 10/30/10 we are only $39 away from meeting our goal!

And just a few moments ago, we received this comment from Danae Ringelmann, founder of IndieGogo:

Congrats! ¬†Bring Philadelphia a Red Carpet Event is now featured on IndieGoGo’s HOME Page thanks to all your great DIWO activity! Share this excitement with your funders and fans. ¬†Glad we could give a boost to your efforts.

CHECK OUT IT (you might have to refresh a couple times because they cycle the featured folks):

All we’ve got to say is “WOO HOO!”

Remember, we are still in need of stanchions for the fest – everything else has arrived and is in order. If anyone can lend us some or can help us rent them for the weekend, we can start giving back to YOU, our filmmakers, for a potential first-ever cash prize (just please give us time to do some major math. It can take up to 30 days to disperse some of these payments, and we want to make sure there aren’t any rubber checks, yanno?) We’ll be sending Perks to our Top Contributors momentarily.

And hell, if your inspired to turn your 21-Day Film into a feature, start fundraising for it right now. We promise to promote it after the fest. After we sleep a little bit, ok?