Montgomery County, PA: Indie webseries building team! (volunteer)

April 28, 2012 in for actors, for film crew, opportunities by admin

Expires 5/12/12

Vigilante Media, an indie production company located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, is seeking
CAST AND CREW to launch a new comedic webseries.

*All actors MUST be comfortable with improv and local to Montgomery County, PA; familiarity
with/love of comic book characters a plus.
OFFICER BERTRAND – Male, age 21-35: New to the force, friendly but knows when to lay down the
law. Eager to make a name for himself, but has a lot to learn. Takes his job seriously.
THE VENTRIOLOQUIST – Male, age 50-65: Shy, older gentleman with split personality disorder.
Dominant personality is portrayed through a ventriloquist dummy, 1920s mobster. Actor must be
able to create two distinct characters with voice. Experience with ventriloquist dummy would be
ideal, but not a necessity.
JOKER – Male, age 25-35: Most definitely not the Joker we’ve seen in all the movies. Think “Joker
after he leaves the set” – grouchy, unkempt, never wears a shirt, etc. Has the appearance of
constantly being irritated.
HARLEY QUINN – Female, age 20-30: Love-sick psychiatrist with serious anger issues. On again/off
again girlfriend of Joker. Eager to please him, easily angered by him, and even quicker to forgive
EXTRAS Males, age 21-35: Cops providing backup on scene, Old woman, age 60-75: Scared of what
this city has become, doesn’t let anyone into her home.
This webseries will be a one camera production, so our crew will be small. Currently we are looking
for the following crew members:
Sound (mixer and boom operator)
Costume Designer
Production Assistant(s)

We are a group of filmmakers and like-minded business people looking for a creative outlet. Our
goal is to gain visibility with this project and ultimately have a good time. At this time, all cast and
crew are on a volunteer basis. If the series is a success, we have plans to monetize the content
through ad partners and merchandise, allowing us to pay everyone. Casting will be held SATURDAY,
MAY 12. Please email with the role you wish to audition for in the subject
line. Please include a headshot and your experience. We will contact you with an audition time for
that day. Please have a comedic monologue prepared to perform.

Crew – Please send resume to with the position that interests you in the
subject line and link to your reel/portfolio.


This opportunity was posted on the behalf of our community and is independent of our programs. Please contact the e-mail address above with any questions.

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