Official Selections – PFAF 2012


Please note, some of these trailers contain ADULT LANGUAGE and VIOLENCE, and might not be suitable for minors.

For full film and screening set descriptions, see the Schedule pages HERE.

Congratulations to our Official Selections! This year over 400 films from around the world were in contention, and below are the selections. Official screening schedule – and more information on the below films, will be available soon. Check out some of the trailers on our Home Page.

Films by Screening Schedule

Thursday, September 27 (Thursday’s Schedule with film details)

1:00 pm: Shorts Showcase 1: Discovery

Home Was the Sailor
Father’s Day?
Wolf Dog Tales
Abuelas (Grandmothers)
Restoring Sight in Bangladesh

3:15 pm Shorts Showcase 2: It’s Showtime

Dick Punch Episode 2: Stripper Break
Thank You
The Mop and Lucky Files

5:30 pm: Shorts Showcase 3: Digging Under the Surface

12 Drawings A Day
Circle Circle Dot Dot
Bobby’s Girl
Two Weeks till the World Ends
The Fence

7:45 pm: Opening Night Gala: A Decent Arrangement

featuring A House, A Home

A House, A Home (music video)
A Decent Arrangement (feature film)

Friday, September 28 (Friday’s Schedule with film details)

12:45 pm: Shorts Showcase 4: Animation for Everyone!

The Perfect Pair
My Heart Belongs to You
Flight of Magic
Little Star’s Journey
Ride of Passage
Brad & Gary
My Home

3:00 pm: Shorts Showcase 5

The Last Belle
Juego de Niños (Children’s Game)
Heads Up
Sharp Love, Sharp Kittens
Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto
Hund I Himlen (Dog in Heaven)

5:15 pm: A Happy Ending

featuring Anniversary

Anniversary (short)
A Happy Ending (feature film)

7:30 pm: Shorts Showcase 6: Animation Apocalypse!

Space Stallions
Whinstor Norville Dines Again At The Gothique
Slug Invasion
Waking Gus
Devils Angels & Dating
Fantastic Plastic
It’s On Like Ramadan
Party in the CIA
Bullets for Breakfast
The Hopper

Saturday, September 29 (Saturday’s Schedule with film details)

1:00 pm: 21-Day Filmmaking Competition Red Showcase

King Me
Black Out
Kingdom of Shadows
Pool Party
The House of the Wicked
Act of Kindness
Journey Upon Molly’s Path
Killer Cables
Jump Drive

3:00 pm: Welcome to Harlem

featuring Just Take Your Time

Just Take Your Time (music video)
Welcome to Harlem (feature film)

5:00 pm: 21-Day Filmmaking Competition: Blue Showcase

God Said No
The Long Week, or Even A Psychotic Break Can’t Kill True Friendship
Flame & Shadow
Jump at the Opportunity
Kafka Pizza
St. Blacktrick
Steampunk vs Superhero
Four Fists of Judgment
Gary’s Got Game

7:00 pm: Berserk

Memory Box (short)
Monsters & Maidens (short)
Amaqqut Nunaat/Country of Wolves (short)
Berserk: The Golden Age Arc1 The Egg of The King (feature animation)

Sunday, September 30 (Sunday’s Schedule with film details)

1:00 pm: Shorts Showcase 7 : Sci-Fi Shorts!

The Pod
(Baby) It’s You!
999, 999, 999

3:00 pm 21-Day Filmmaking Competition: Green Showcase

Superhero for Hire
Through Orange Eyes
Bear Jump
Hit & Run
Lost in the Shadows
Jump In
Bleeding Hearts
Red & White

5:00 pm: Limpwings

featuring Two Minutes

Two Minutes (short film)
Limpwings (feature film)

Official Selections Alphabetically by Category (all eligible for Awards)


A Decent Arrangement, Sarovar Banka, PA, USA
A Happy Ending, Ross  Hockrow, DC, USA
Berserk: The Golden Age Arc1 The Egg of The King, Toshiyuki Kubooka, CA, USA
Limpwings, Andrew Neill, MN, USA
Welcome to Harlem, Mark Blackman, NY, USA

Music Videos

A House, A Home, Daniel Fickle, OR, USA
Bullets for Breakfast, Mari Jaye  Blanchard, NY, USA
Ills, Ron Williams, CA, USA
It’s On Like Ramadan, Jason Pierce, TX, USA
Just Take Your Time, Ryan Shovey, LA, USA
Mr. Milkman, Laura J. Milliken, ON, Canada
Party in the CIA, Roque Ballesteros, CA, U S A

Short Animations

Amaqqut Nunaat, Neil Christopher, AB, Canada
Anniversary, Roque Ballesteros, CA, USA
(Baby) It’s You!, David Cowles, NY, USA
Brad & Gary
, Pierre Coffin, IDF, France

Brother, Sari Rodrig, NJ, USA
Carrot, Dave Anderson, NY, USA
Cravings, Jane Sablow, NY, USA
CTRL + HEART + DELETE: Clubbing, Roque Ballesteros, CA, USA
Daisy, Fiona Mustard, NY, USA
Devils Angels & Dating, Michael Cawood , TX, USA
Fantastic Plastic, Lev Polyakov, NY, USA
Flight of Magic, Tommy Warren, Austin, TX, USA
Frigid, Emily Fritze, MN, USA
Home Was the Sailor, Seana Kozar, United Kingdom
Hund I Himlen/Dog in Heaven, Jeanette Nørgaard, Denmark
Karma, Da Suel Kim, NJ, USA
Memory Box, Jong Ha, NY, USA
My Heart Belongs to You, Lev Polyakov, NY, USA
My Home, Calvert Waller III, NY, USA
Necrofusion, Amit Tishler, MN, USA
Pasteurized, Nicolas Villarreal, CA, Argentina
Ringo, M.R. Horhager, ON, Canada
Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto, Johan Oettinger, Denmark
Snowdrifter, Mack Carruthers, ON, Canada
Thank You, Pendleton Ward, CA, USA
The Hopper, Alex Brüel Flagstad, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Last Belle, Neil Boyle, United Kingdom
The Perfect Pair, Mark Mah, Singapore
The Pod
, Jay Hasrajani, CA, USA

Twirl, Nate Winckler, KY, USA
Waking Gus, Mack Carruthers, ON, Canada
Whinstor Norville Dines Again, Eric Bent, QC, Canada
Wolf Dog Tales, Bernadine Santistevan, NY USA

Student Animations

12 Drawings a Day, Denis Chapon, Denmark
999.999.999, Gerald Grunow, Bayern, Germany
Bedtime, Avi Tuchman, NY, USA
Legando, Kris Theorin, PA, USA
Little Star’s Journey, Yi-An Chien, NY, USA
Load, David Rene Christensen, Denmark
Monsters & Maidens, Mike Cossentino, PA, U S A
Ride of Passage, Christian  Bøving-Andersen, Denmark
Slug Invasion, Morten Helgeland, Denmark
Space Stallions, Thorvaldur Gunnarsson, Denmark
Threadbare, Brett Underhill, NY, U S A
Vaesen, Adrian Dexter, Denmark
Wing, Asger Grevil, Denmark

Short Films

Bobby’s Girl, Adam Tyree, NJ, USA
Clouds, Gilbert James, United Kingdom
Destined, Michael Giletto, PA, USA
Dick Punch, David Ruttura, NY, USA
Father’s Day?, Dave Coleman, NJ, U.S. Outlying Islands
HEADS UP, Alex Merkin, NY, USA
Isolates, Allan Liang, NSW, Australia
Juego de niños/Children’s Game, Javier González, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Pueblo, Eve Richer, VA, USA
Sharp Love, Sharp Kittens, Jon Sajetowski, NY, USA
The Fence, Jim Canty, CT, USA
The Mop and Lucky Files, Scott Paulin, CA, USA
Two Minutes, Christopher Granier-Deferre , United Kingdom
Two Weeks till the World Ends, Ella Sadler, PA, USA
Wonder, Genevieve Brusilow, PA, USA

Student Films

Abuelas, Afarin Eghbal, United Kingdom
Circle Circle Dot Dot, Cassandra Gomes, USA
Leak, Beni Fredman, Israel
Restoring Sight in Bangladesh, Tatiana McCabe, NY, USA

21-Day Filmmaking Competition

Congratulations to all 33 of the filmmaking teams who completed films and animations (32 of which made the deadline) in the 2012 21-Day Filmmaking Competition! Below are all 33 films that include this year’s Element: “Jump.” All films were created in 21 days this summer between July 28th and August 18th.

Presenting the 21-Day Films – Official Selections of The 2011 Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival(Sept. 27th – 30th)

On-Time – Eligible for Awards

Film Name Team Name Team Leader Location
Act of Kindness Spinshot Films Jeremy Cavner Seattle, WA
ascension Thing Three James Ford-Hutchinson New Brunswick, NJ
Bear Jump Shochu Cat Men Wai Pang HONG KONG
Black Out Philagape Christopher Pierdomenico Brookhaven, PA
Bleeding Hearts Sickening Thud Wedge Wegman Philadelphia, PA
Choices EPV Films Chris Casaburi Lake Carmel, NY
Clipped Guts Guts Guts Guts Rollie Hatch New York, NY
Flame & Shadow Half-watt Lee Vetter Riverside, NJ
Four Fists of Judgment Justice Productions Doug Seidel Old Bridge, NJ
Gary’s Got Game JB Productions Joe Blodgett Tonawanda, NY
God Said No Drop the HAT Jason Heffner Hatfield, PA
Hit & Run Keeps Changing Their Name Stuart Gould San Bernardino, CA
Journey Upon Molly’s Path Crackerhammer Mike Mercadante Quakertown, PA
Jump At The Opportunity Dizzy Radar Chris Loper Cookstown, NJ
Jump Drive Badger Tsunami Mike Fenton Philadelphia, PA
Kafka Pizza Liberty Bell Films Mark Kochanowicz Philadelphia, PA
Killer Cables Pure Genius Pictures John Morgera Wilmington, DE
King Me Flaming Marshmallow Productions Jon Craig Wenonah, NJ
Kingdom of Shadows Art Party Pictures Kevin Corcoran Media, PA
Lost in the Shadows Gati Kala Mihir Pathak Philadelphia, PA
OCD Mass n Class Kapileshwar Punna Falls Church, VA
Oliver Future History Labs Freddy Moses Hyattsville, MD
Pool Party Noonan Ron Williams Harding, PA
Red & White Psynema Gary Hanna, Sabina Trandifir Philadelphia, PA
Resistant 10 Mile Mike Madigan Troy, MI
St. Blacktrick Monstros Madre Mark Mackner Philadelphia, PA
Steampunk vs. Superhero Guyloki Films Steven Bradford Washington, DC
Superhero for Hire Inglorious Splicers Brian Carlin Conshohocken, PA
The House of the Wicked Team Assembled!! Keith Chamberlain Blackwood, NJ
The Long Week, or Even A Psychotic
Break Can’t Kill True Friendship
Frank ‘n’ Nasty Paul Andre Bennett II Philadelphia, PA
Through Orange Eyes Stranger in the Alps Brad Kingett Sewell, NJ
Unrest Turtle Power! Matt Sundell Cherry Hill, NJ

Submitted Post-Deadline – Not Eligible for Awards


Film Name Team Name Team Leader Location
Jump In Hollywood or Bust! Tom Ianieri Aldan, PA

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