000_Launch Crowdby Lee RosenfeldtTN21-Day Filmmaking Competition

Launched in 2006, The 21-Day Filmmaking Competition has grown to become the largest filmmaking contest in Philadelphia. It also encompasses every part of our E.P.I.C. mission.

  • EDUCATE: Filmmakers learn essential skills such as working with a team, meeting a deadline, working under creative constraints, and all-important communication skills that are essential to working in the entertainment industry!
  • PROMOTE: Every film completed is screened in a real movie theater in downtown Philadelphia. The top films may screen dozens of times at partner events and festivals around the country. Project Twenty1 acts as a FREE non-exclusive agent for our community of filmmakers, finding our artists more exposure possibilities than they can find anywhere else. At the same time, our filmmakers retain 100% ownership of their films forever.
  • INSPIRE: We provide all 21-Day filmmakers with a Secret Element to jump-start their creativity and a reason to create new works.
  • CONNECT: Between Project Twenty1’s social media network of over 10,000 artists, and our in-person events like the Launch Event, Drop Event, and 21-Day screenings at the Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival, we provide ample resources for filmmakers to build a creative team, meet their future investors, and make the connections they need to advance their careers.

008-Launch-CarolineTNArtist Benefits

Above all, the 21-Day Competition is an educational tool. Ask any filmmaker: the best way to learn how to make a film is to go out and do it. Most are just impeded by the question: “Why?” Without access to an audience, artists feel frustrated doing creative work. Many of our 21-Day filmmakers create their first-ever projects with us. Others are emerging professionals looking to challenge themselves with some friendly competition.

21-Day alumni have gone on to acquire agents, get jobs in the field, win awards, and even find funding for their next projects. The 21-Day Filmmaking Competition has successfully launched careers for media artists all around the country.

Society Benefits

As of 2017, the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition has resulted in the creation of over 300 brand new short films and animations. Our participants hone their craft and move on to bigger and better things each year. This means more jobs being created in the arts, and more communities being exposed to those arts – expanding educational, community and economic development for the region. It also means a continued artistic culture in a political environment that cuts more arts programs every year. 21-Day Filmmaking Competition helps ensure that quality independent film and animation content will remain available to American audiences for years to come.

Check back regularly for updates on the next 21-Day Competition.