PFAF Schedule, Friday, September 30, 2011

Title: Animation Showcase
Time: 12:45pm
Location: International House Philadelphia (Map)
3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104
86 mins, followed by Q&A
* indicates filmmaker will be present for Q&A

Desperate Crossing – MinSeok Jeon, NJ
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! CGI Animation. In a police convoy van, a notorious criminal wants nothing more than to use the restroom.

Fluffle – Stephanie Franz, NY *
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! CGI Animation. Meet Fluffle, a small creature on a desperate quest to complete his soda bottle cap collection.

How the Coyote got his Cunning - Claire Nielbergall, PA *
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Animation. In this Native American folktale, the Coyote schemes to become the strongest of all the animals.

Bait – Michael Moore, CA
Animation. A group of worms wake up one morning to find themselves trapped in a young boy’s bait bucket.

BriBry – “A Poem I’ll Sing Out Loud” - Erica Hart, D.C.
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Music video. Singer/song writer BriBry follows a group of animated ducks as a mannequin comes to life.

Chat Noir – Miranda Edmonds & Khrob Edmonds, AUSTRALIA
In a Mediterranean fishing village an old man’s superstition nearly costs him a new friend.

The Man Who Moved Manhattan – Rob Ludacer, NY
Animation. In 1824, a retired carpenter walked into Centre Street Market in Manhattan and made a stirring claim.

Mar Caribe – “Deux Petits Bateaux” – Kate Raney, IL
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Music video. A dancing fish/people extravaganza!

The Wanna-Be Oddie – Jun Bin Lam, CA *
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! CGI Animation. Oddie’s fun time with his new friend is interrupted by the bully Pitt. Until Oddie unveils his secret weapon.

Noches de Tungsteno – Maria Torres, MEXICO
Sometimes the stars can be closer to those who imagine.

Orange Ô Desespoir (Orange of Despair) – John Banana, FRANCE
CGI Animation. A small sad orange decides to hang with a bunch of fun dancing pineapples.

Paper Words – Joyce Lee, CA
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! CGI Animation. 5 year old recluse Mei’s active imagination is misconstrued by others around her.

Title: Shorts Showcase 4
Time: 3:00pm
Location: International House Philadelphia (Map)
3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104

Duration: 96 mins, followed by live Q&A
* indicates filmmaker will be present for Q&A

Craft - Mari Jaye Blanchard, NY *
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Digital Animation. Social networking taken to an older and slightly, but only slightly, less effective level.

Spirit of the Bluebird – Xstine Cook, CANADA
Animation. Using spray paint on a garage where Aboriginal mother and grandmother Gloria Black Plume was brutally murdered in 1999.

Refresh – Sean Cruse, NY
WORLD PREMIERE! Stop-motion animation. An American businessman’s daily routine contrasts sharply with the lives of people struggling to find a sanitary water supply.

The Tesla Experiment – Adriel Garcia, NC
2D Animation. Can Nicola Tesla and Mark Twain save the day from a Thomas Edison run amok?

The Closed Door – Ian Voglesong, NJ
Live action drama. A man’s existence is put on trial when he finds himself inside a house with no exit.

Secret Life of Objects: Outhouse - Nathan Jones, AUSTRALIA
CGI Animation. ‘Outhouse’ is the story of a cynical, used up, toilet paper roll and a far less worldly new kid on the block.

Refren për Kosovën – Dhimitri Ismaliaj, NY *
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Live-action drama. An innocent young girl and a conscientious but desperate official create a conflict of moral principle in war-torn Kosovo.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Villainy – Aidan McAteer, IRELAND
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Animation. A 1920s instructional silent moving picture for the discerning gentleman villain. Featuring mustache curling!

Bad Influences - Kate Emery, CA
Jillian, a timid hypochondriac with a vivid imagination, struggles with her desire to simply hang out with diseases she thinks she has.

Title: International Screening
Time: 5:15pm
Location: International House Philadelphia (Map)
3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104

Duration: 96 mins, followed by live Q&A

Wycinanki – Irena Rindos, SC
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Animation. ‘Wycinanki’ tells the true story of a woman in Poland and the three animals she rescues.

Derek – Alex Gray, CO
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Live-action. Derek, a solitary engineering genius feels compelled to help a girl struggling with a new handicap.

Milo – Patrick Lafrance & Corinne Gibeault, CANADA *
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Animation. A girl grieves at the grave of her dog Milo. But when she turns to leave, a barking calls her back.

Lizard – John Skibinski, AUSTRALIA
2D Animation. A lizard finds himself in a sticky situation.

Arranged Marriage – Narasimhan Krishnamachari, MA
Live-action drama. Can love be arranged?

La Migala (The Bird Spider) - Jaime Dezcallar, SPAIN
Live-action suspense. A man with arachnophobia buys a poisonous Bird Spider and sets it free in his apartment.

INFLATOR – Takeshi Arx (Wei-Chih Chen), TAIWAN
Animation. A man under pressure from his girl friend and his job finds his head inflating involuntarily.

Gu Yeo-Rum-Eui Ba-Da (A Scene At The Sea) – Jaehee Lee, SOUTH KOREA
Live-action drama. A father and son, roles now reversed as one becomes the caretaker of the other, execute a delicate dance at the edge of the sea.

Hitomi – Manu De Smet, BELGIUM
Live-action drama. When a young Asian lady enters Tom’s life, he sees his admiration of her culture as the perfect way to attract her.

Title: Secret Horror Showcase
Location: International House Philadelphia Theater, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (map)
party to immediate follow screening
$10 Screening, $5 Party, Free with All-Access Pass

Hosted by James Rolfe

The scariest thing in the world is…not knowing. This surprise screening of horrific proportions will be a crowd pleaser.

$10 for Screening, $5 at the door for party, or both FREE with purchase of Festival All-Access Pass

This is a special bonus engagement presented by Cinemassacre Productions. None of the films in this program are in competition.

Followed by:

Tiberino MuseumCinevore Studios Presents…
Friday Night Fright @ The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum
3819 Hamilton St. Philadelphia, Pa 19104

A pre-Halloween party for people that are serious about makeup, costumes, and gore.

One of Project Twenty1′s most-memorable and most-demanded venues, the Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum is back for our Friday Night Party – and it’s going to be bigger than ever! Join some of Philadelphia’s best effects makeup artists and fright-makers in this costume party, held in the hidden jewel of Philadelphia – the Tiberinos’ arts garden. Come dressed as a ghoul, goblin, ghost or other scary sight to win tons of cool prizes (and to mess with the people dressed as “normals”).

Just a 10-minute walk from the International House Theater, we’ll be leading people to the party directly after the Friday Night Horror Screening. Sure, you can always meet us there, too, but you’ll miss the great photo and video opp of a giant horde of people dressed as monsters walking across the city.

Awards: Best Costume, Best Makeup, Most Frightening

$10 at the Door>REDUCED PRICE! (thanks, Cinevore!) $5 At the Door/FREE with All-Access Pass

Photo by M. Hong

Want to see something really scary and support the folks that are bringing you this awesome party? Check out Piece of Meat, by local production studio and Project Twenty1 founders, Cinevore Studios. Over 500,000 views on YouTube alone!