PFAF Schedule, Sunday, October 2, 2011

Feature: The Lady of Names (family-friendly animation) – Dir. Adam Ciolfi, North York, Ontario, Canada
Time: 1:00pm
Location: International House Philadelphia (Map)
3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104
Duration: 85 mins
A beautiful librarian discovers the power of magic when an ill-conceived wish catapults her into the world of fairy tales. She falls into the clutches of the Troll King, a monster obsessed with imprisoning all the fairy tale folk. Her only hope for rescue is Zack Driscoll, a young handyman in love with her. Kidnapped by a pompous mushroom and an elfin creature, Zack braves goblin magic and the icy domain of the Memine, in his quest towards the final showdown with the Troll King himself.
This is a stop-motion animation film, and is family-friendly! Bring the kids!
Screening with shorts:

Keenan at Sea – Jeremy Galante & David Cowles
Chagrin Falls, Ohio, & Rochester, NY, USA

The Smallest Thing - Yong Jin Kim
Los Angeles, California, United States of America

WORKSHOP: How to Write for Short Film

Sunday, 1:45 pm – Approx. 60 mins.
South America Room, 2nd Floor
International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

with David Greenberg, Professor of Screenwriting, University of the Arts

Just as poems differ from novels, short films differ from feature films. “How To Write Your Short Film” is an examination of screenwriting as it applies to short films, a crash course in understanding the process of making an effective piece that both exploits the uniqueness of the form and avoids the pitfalls that many, many filmmakers encounter.

You NEED to attend this workshop if you are:

  • unsure how long your short should be
  • frustrated by the amount of unfinished, overly-ambitious projects on your hard-drive
  • unsure of how to create a short adaptation of a feature script for an investor package
  • a 21-Day Competition Filmmaker that has to make massive cuts after hitting the 10-minute limit every year (Yeah. We know who you are.)

About the Speaker
David Greenberg teaches screenwriting the University Of The Arts in Philadelphia. Since 2006 he has been hired to write or doctor over 30 feature film screenplays, one of which, “What Matters Most,” was produced in New York City in 2007. An original screenplay, “Aftermath” was optioned by an L.A. production company and is tentatively set for a Philadelphia shoot in 2012. His 1995 short film “The True Meaning Of Cool” won an award from The American Film Institute. “Jumpcuts: An Art Film” was produced in 1996, “The Audition” was shot in NYC in 2009 and screened in January at the Idyllwild Film Festival in California. “Squeak” was produced in Philadelphia in 2011.

Workshops are for PFAF Passholders only (no individual tickets)

Workshop: Working with Professional Actors on a Micro-Budget
3:00pm – Approx. 60 mins
South America Room, 2nd Floor
International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
with Frank Traynor
Screen Actors Guild North Region Executive

You’ve probably discovered by now that your little brother is probably not the best or most reliable candidate for the starring role in your film (Unless you’re one of the Baldwins!)

Can you work with professional actors without a major Hollywood budget? Frank Traynor, the North Region Executive of the Screen Actor’s Guild, will show you how to work with professionals so you can take your film to the next level.

Topic covered include:

  • How to find talent
  • How to use SAG actors
  • How different SAG agreements work
  • Local talent databases & resources
  • How to judge a screentest
  • How to avoid drama on-set (other than the drama in your script!)

Title: 21-Day Filmmaking Competition: Green Screening

Time: 3:00pm

Location: International House Philadelphia Theater
3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (map)

Duration: 94 min.

Skee-tit-zin – Team Monstros Madre *
The world’s first Existential Dinosaur Drug Movie!

Making an Impact – Team Spinshot Films
Bob, a crash test dummy, has to find a new purpose in life, after car crashes become a thing of the past.

Safe Haven – Team Starmada Media
When the Zombie Flu outbreak occurs, a group of zombie sympathizers called the North Star tries to protect their loved ones.

Battle in Suburbia – Team Sickening Thud
We had 21 Days to create a film, what we got was a disaster.

Haunted – Team Panther Kings
Three friends enter a haunted house to film an entry for a contest, realizing too late that things aren’t always what they appear to be.

The Fairy Prince…? - Team Jobin
Stuart kisses a frog, who ends up being a 17th Century English Prince who is forced to find a way to legally marry him.

Two Stories Up - Team Master Seven Productions
Jason discovers he can finally get the attention he seeks.. by dropping things delivered by plucky delivery girl Natalie.

Anna – Team 2.40:1
Anna is through being dull and mistreated. Today, she changes that.

My Brother’s Keeper – Team Badger Tsunami
How far would you go for the ones you love?

Oscillating Garrett – Team Liberty Bell Films
A man mourning the loss of his wife becomes trapped in a crashed virtuality when he overstays his time.

*Late Entry

Workshop: How to Make Movies that Make Money (without getting arrested)
4:15 pm - Approx. 60 mins
South America Room, 2nd Floor
International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

with Jackie Borock, Esq

At some point in your life, someone probably told you that you could grab a camera, shoot a film with your friends, and receive a sack of money after getting “discovered”. Sounds, good, right? But do you really know the steps involved? Have you learned how to negotiate or how to “spot a bad deal”? Do you understand the legal fundamentals of filmmaking that will land you on the Red Carpet – not the courtroom?

Topics covered include:

  • “To LLC or not to LLC”: When it’s time to start a production company
  • Copyright doctrines including fair use; the portrayal of trademarks; rules concerning film titles; and privacy/publicity rights
  • How and when to work with lawyers (and when you don’t have to)
  • Typical compensation and terms of studio contracts, merchandising deals
  • Negotiating tactics and strategies

About the Speaker
Jackie Borock is an experienced entertainment attorney with over twenty years in practice in Philadelphia and New York. She has represented clients in a variety of entertainment -related matters, both in private practice and as general counsel and Director of Legal and Business Affairs for TLA Entertainment, an international film and video distribution company. Her clients include writers, directors, producers, performers and musicians in the film, television, theater and music industries, and she has been involved with the Philadelphia Film Festival, the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and the Woodstock Film Festival as both an advisor and panelist.

Ms. Borock has lectured on entertainment law issues for the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Bar Associations, as well as at the Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association (PIFVA), the Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, Temple University, and the University of the Arts. Ms. Borock has served on the Advisory Board of the Villanova Law School Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, the Advisory Board of the Philadelphia Film Society, Pig Iron Theatre Company, The Brick Playhouse, and the Homeless Advocacy Project.

In addition to her legal career, Ms. Borock produced an award-winning documentary entitled “A Joyful Noise: The Lost Jewish Music of Philadelphia”, which has aired on both WHYY-TV and WYBE-TV in Philadelphia. A cum laude graduate of Temple University and Widener University School of Law, Ms. Borock is a lifelong Philadelphian, and after a brief move to Woodstock, NY, she and her family are happily ensconced in their home town, where she is currently at work on several film-related projects.

Title: 21-Day Filmmaking Competition: Blue Screening

Time: 5:00pm

Location: International House Philadelphia Theater
3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (map)

Duration: 98 mins.

The Butler Did It – Team Above-the-Line Entertainment
With $10,000 on the line, everyone’s a suspect at the Brotherhood of Butlers Annual Retreat.

Duo of Justice in Two Capes & A Baby - Team Justice Productions
The Duo of Justice find a baby at their door, but is she more than she seems?

The Friedman Equation – Team Mighty Fine Hat Productions
A different kind of boy meets girl story.

The Fall of Atlas – Team Stray Dog Films
What’s more absurd: to dream or to live?

Little Angel – Team CC Productions
After a life-changing event in the family, a grandfather must learn to live again.

Oops – Team Awesome Seattle
Darren fixes computers, but can he fix Jennifer’s heart?

The Pizza Shoppe – Team NERDPOP
A pizza shoppe employee one day finds that everybody else in the world is gone.

The Lumberman – Team Roxbro Films
Fracking just met its worst enemy: The Lumberman.

Collusion – Team 10 Mile
Four volunteers take a mind-altering trip from reality as a part of an on-going experimental process.

Abigail – Team Emerald Productions
In August 2011, two filmmakers disappeared in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. A few weeks later, their footage was found.

Workshop: What the Media Wants

5:30 pm – Approx 60 minutes
South America Room, 2nd Floor
International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Learn how to write press releases that grab the attention of news editors, bloggers, and the world, as well as develop long-term relationships with reporters and journalists. And any other tidbits the speakers may feel like imparting. Got questions? Ask! How often do you get this type of opportunity anyway?

Panelists: Jeffrey Barg (Philadelphia Weekly), Michaelangelo “Mikey” Ilagan (Geekadelphia and CBS Philly)

About the Speakers

Mikey Ilagan is an interactive designer, freelancer writer and photographer. He’s done graphic/UI design and front-end development for marketing firms, advertising agencies and e-learning corporations. He’s currently a web designer at SAP and blogger for Geekadelphia and CBS Philly.

Jeffrey Barg is a local freelance writer and the former managing editor of Philadelphia Weekly, where he has spent a decade covering arts, news, music, film and more–including writing the award-winning nationally syndicated column “The Angry Grammarian.” He has also covered the arts and news for Spin, PlanPhilly, Next American City and many other local and national publications. By day, he works as an urban planner at the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute for Urban Research.

Workshops are for PFAF Passholders only (no individual tickets)

International House Philadelphia Theater
3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (map)

Red Carpet Awards Show. Free & open to the public, but seating is only guaranteed for PFAF Passholders & Project Twenty1 Members.

Project Twenty1′s PFAF Closing Night Party
The Blockley (map)
3801 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Free for PFAF Passholders/$10 at the door without Pass

Directly following the Awards Show, join us across the street at The Blockley’s private room to hang out with our industry judges and VIPs and celebrate our festival award-winners!

This is also your best chance to meet local filmmakers and animators that are planning some amazing upcoming projects. Because seriously, after this party, you’ll only have 202 days until Project Twenty1 Early Deadline for the 2012 Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival. Plenty of time to make another short. Or maybe…a feature.

Photos from Last Year’s Event: