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Title: Shorts Showcase 1: Discovery
Time: 1:00pm
Location: International House Philadelphia (Map)
3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104 TICKETS |  ALL-ACCESS PASS 

Seven international short films & animations about uncovering life’s great secrets.

Duration: 101 mins, followed by Q&A
* indicates filmmaker will be present for Q&A
Rated: R (Sexual situations and mature themes)

Home Was the Sailor
Dir. Seana Kozar, Dursley, Gloucestershire, UK
Short Animation. An old sailor finds himself abandoned in the sea. Along comes a boat to his rescue.

Father’s Day?
Dir. Dave Coleman, Hackensack, NJ, USA
Short Film. Cori is challenged by her Psychology professor to write her final paper on her relationship with her father. She is forced to confront her mother about the elephant in the room, her absent father.*

Wolf Dog Tales
Dir. Bernadine Santistevan, New York, NY, USA
Short Film. The Wolf Dog answers some of life’s greatest questions through a series of indigenous tales of animal wisdom & teachings.*

Dir. Afarin Eghbal, London, UK
Student Film, Pennsylvania Premiere! In Buenos Aires, an old woman eagerly awaits the birth of her grandchild and all the joys of becoming a grandmother. However, horrific circumstances mean that she will be forced to wait for over 30 years.

Restoring Sight in Bangladesh
Dir. Tatiana McCabe, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Student Film, Philadelphia Premiere! A mixed media video, uses documentary footage, motion graphics and stop motion animation to explore the issue of cataract blindness in Bangladesh.

Joey Stylez – “Mr.Milkman”
Dir. Laura J. Milliken, Toronto, ON, Canada
Music Video. Joey Stylez aka “Mr. Milkman” discovers the beauty of the community while delivering milk.

Dir. Michael Giletto, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Short Film. A successful business man is suddenly confronted by his wife and best friend’s deceptive behavior. Rachel must find a way to orchestrate her plan while trying to keep her motives a secret.*



Title: Shorts Showcase 2: It’s Showtime
Time: 3:15pm
Location: International House Philadelphia (Map)
3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104 TICKETS |  ALL-ACCESS PASS
A collection of quirky live-action and animated TV and web shows. 

Duration: 99 mins + Filmmaker Q&A
* indicates filmmaker will be present for Q&A

Rated PG-13 (Violence, some mature language)

Dick Punch Episode 2: Stripper Break
Dir. David Ruttura, New York, NY, USA
Web Series. Josh and Ian have spent their post-college days (and months and years) blissfully holed up rent-free in their mother’s house. Upon learning that their mother has suddenly moved to Florida, the boys grapple with her terrifying ultimatum: get jobs or get out.

Dir. Eve Richer, Alexandria, VA, USA
Web Series, World Premiere! An American living in Barcelona receives an unexpected visit from his Spanish ex-girlfriend, sparking a quirky weekend romance between the two unlikely lovers. Q&A after screening!

Thank You
Dir. Pendleton Ward, Burbank, CA, USA
Short Animation. A snow golem is attacked in the forest by his species’ mortal enemy, a pack of fire wolves, who accidentally leave a cub behind after their retreat. The golem’s solitary life is then thrown comically into chaos as he attempts to care for the cub while fighting danger to reunite the cub with its family.

Dir. Amit Tishler, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Short Animation, Philadelphia Premiere! Lilith is a young girl who purposely retreats from any and all forms of social interaction. She appears to be constantly talking to herself. These conversations, however, do not stem from a mental disorder or an overactive imagination. Lilith, as it happens to be, is possessed by a demon.

Dir. Roque Ballesteros, San Francisco, CA, USA
Short Animation, PENNY wants to get her groove on, but can PRESSTON keep up? Watch the tragically cute mayhem unfold!

The Mop and Lucky Files
Dir. Scott Paulin, Venice, CA, USA
Web Series, Philadelphia Premiere! An original series, The Mop and Lucky Files follows the misadventures of two down and out girls in Los Angeles who find themselves unemployed and desperately broke. On a whim and without resources, Mop and Lucky start a business of their own: Personal Espionage.









Title: Shorts Showcase 3: Digging Under the Surface
Time: 5:30pm
Location: International House Philadelphia (Map)
3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104 TICKETS |  ALL-ACCESS PASS

Dramatic, compelling, and inspiring independent short film and animation from all over the world.

Total Runtime:  103 minutes + Filmmaker Q&A (*indicates filmmaker present for Q&A)
Rated PG-13 (violence, mature themes, sexual behavior)

12 Drawings A Day
Dir. Denis Chapon, Viborg, Denmark
Short Animation. From 2008-2011, Denis Chapon drew 12 drawing of animation every day to make  one second of film. And then, each of the following days, he took the 3 last drawing from the day before and kept on animating on the backside of used A4 paper.

Dir. Brett Underhill, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Student Film, Philadelphia Premiere! In a cold, bleak field there lies a lonely scarecrow. But he won’t be alone for long…

Circle Circle Dot Dot
Dir. Cassandra Gomes, New York, USA
Student Film. Taryn, 16, confides in her sister, Erica, 8, telling her that a boy is coming over and demanding that she stay out of their way. However, Erica places herself firmly at the center of the ‘date,’ refusing to leave the two teens alone.

Bobby’s Girl
Dir. Adam Tyree, Raritan, NJ, USA
Short Film. Abused by her father, Noreen has run away from home and is searching for happiness. She finds it stalking a handsome local,  Bobby, watching him and dreaming of what their lives would be like if they were together.

Dir. Gilbert James, United Kingdom
Short Film. Irving Walker is a writer. Or so he wishes. He wakes one morning, resigned to the same routine until the penny drops and in a controlled rage, he collects up all of his writing tools and heaps them into a huge pile.

Two Weeks till the World Ends
Dir. Ella Sadler, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Short Film. World theatrical premiere! Fifteen-year-old Mio and his girlfriend, Katy, have run away together. As the two of them realize that they have nowhere to go, and their money will soon run out, their prospects come to seem increasingly bleak.*

The Fence
Dir. Jim Canty, Clinton, CT, USA
Short Film. Arty and Sara Cooper live in a small New England town and have just lost their only son, 21 year old Jacob Cooper,  6 months ago in the Iraq war serving with the US Army. When the house next door that was vacant now has new neighbors from Iraq, Arty begins to build a fence between the two properties.



Title: Opening Night Gala: A Decent Arrangement
featuring A House, A Home
Time: 7:45pm
Location: International House Philadelphia Theater, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (map) TICKETS |  ALL-ACCESS PASS

Total Runtime:       102 minutes + Filmmaker Q&A
Rated PG-13 (mature themes)

A House, A Home
Dir. Daniel Fickle, Oregon, USA
Music Video. An artistic young man ventures outside his subterranean home and finds a mysterious counterpart who helps him reconcile his past.

A Decent Arrangement
Dir. Sarovar Banka. Narberth, PA, USA
Feature Film. A Decent Arrangement is a contemporary comedic drama that explores the complexities of ethnic identity and the choices brought about by the shrinking globe. Ashok Khosla, an aimless Indian-American copywriter travels to India seeking an arranged marriage and with it, an opportunity for emotional simplicity. Q&A after the screening!

Don’t forget to stick around for the Opening Night Party! (see below)


9:30 pm – 2:00am Opening Night Party!

Free with your All-Access Pass

Location: Landmark Americana
3333 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

RSVP on Facebook!

Join us as we kick off the festival in style at this swanky new venue! (Well, new for us, anyway.)

Not from around here? Don’t worry! We will walk patrons from the theater directly to the party after the Q&A for A Decent Arrangement!

Festival patrons will have a special area to the right side of the main bar.

Drink specials start at 10 pm: $2 Well Drinks, $2 Yuengling, $2 Miller Highlife, Late Night Happy Hour/Appetizer Specials




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