PFAF Schedule, Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Title: Shorts Showcase 1
Time: 1:00pm
Location: International House Philadelphia (Map)
3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104
Duration: 93 mins, followed by live Q&A
* indicates filmmakers will be in-house for Q&A

Extinction of The Saber-Toothed House-CatDamon Wong, RI
Mixed-media animation. A rare look at the last remaining minutes of the prehistoric Sabertoothed House-Cat’s existence in evolutionary history.

Gilded Age Gladiator – Brad Lambert & Rob Benica, NC*
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Animated documentary. John L. Sullivan’s epic tale of illegal bare-knuckle fighting that laid the groundwork for today’s modern professional boxing.

The Forest – Steven Summers, IL
Live-action. Mystical exploration of two parallel characters, a young boy discovering the world around him and a deer hunter secluded alone in the forest.

Vanity – Jim Bushfield, OR
Live-action experimental. A 1950s film promoting ‘better living through chemistry’ is transformed into a disturbing meditation on… the pursuit of beauty? Dueling aspects of a guilt infested self? Yoga for the genetically modified? You decide.

Intercambios – Brian Aramayo, AK
Live-action. Cristina learns that in America money talks, but no habla Espanol.

The Old Flame - Anita Drieseberg, CA
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! 2-D Animation. Meet Martin: a Casanova, a Romantic… a man with a SECRET!

Factory Girl - Jack Ofield, CA
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Mixed-media animation. Based on the true story of a 1906 murder case where a young girl left the farm and never returned.

Recess – Bradley Montesi, TX
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Live action. A new student attempts to make friends with the other children, but learns kids can be mean. He digs deep inside himself and finds friends he never knew he had.

40 Years - Russell Appleford, UK
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Live-action drama. As a child, David witnesses the death of his younger brother. Today, David seeks revenge by re-awakening his brothers killer.

Escape Of The Gingerbread Man!!! – Tod Polson, WY
CGI Animation. A young storyteller challenges the master on the Irish west coast, with unexpected results. A twist on the traditional story ‘The Gingerbread Man.’

Title: Shorts Showcase 2
Time: 3:15
Location: International House Philadelphia (Map)
3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104
Duration: 95 mins, followed by Q&A
*indicates filmmaker will be present for Q&A

Worlds Apart - Michael Zachary Huber, CA
CGI Animation. Set in the not so distant future, Earth is visited by extra terrestrials on a peaceful mission to find sentient life.

Daydream - Lysandra Petersson, CA
Three daydreamers take leave of their ordinary lives after meeting an impish stranger.

Man and Raven - Olga Brio, CANADA
2D Animation. What does it take to invent something that will change your life? A companion who you might never see thereafter.

Out of StepLynn Estomin, PA*
Experimental live-action. Interpretations of the personal stories by four female veterans dealing with the fog of war.

To Each His OwnChase Smith, CA
Live-action. A novelist (Walter) interviews one of the last people (Henry) to see a girl alive.

We Are Augustines – “Chapel Song” - Matthew Mills, NY
Music video. A beautiful and simple concept for an equally gorgeous song. This one is for the lovers.

The Cycle of Life - Gerald Guthrie, IL
US PREMIERE! CGI Animation. A solitary figure walks forward through a line of inexplicable machines; approaching, absorbing & moving on.

The Lighthouse - Po Chou Chi, CA
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Animation. No matter what happens, parents will be always waiting for their children.

Oliver’s TreasureChuck Grieb, CA
CGI Animation. Stumbling into the king’s receiving room, Sir Oliver eludes his pursuers, but finds the old monarch’s crown was left forgotten.

The Death of Johnny Forceps - Timothy David Orme, ID
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Live-action. When the town myth dies, police interview people who knew him to try to paint the picture of his life.

Liam & Ben - William Casey, TX
Live-action. Two young brothers, through their ridiculous imagination of fighting veggie-monsters and pirate-aliens, are only stopped by each other.

나를 잊지 말아요 (Remember O’ Goddess) - Yoon Jung Lee, PA*
Live-action. In the middle of the night, one man arrives at a police station to report a missing person: himself.

Title: Shorts Showcase 3
Time: 5:30pm
Location: International House Philadelphia (Map)
3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104

Duration: 94 mins, followed by Q&A

*indicates filmmaker will be present for Q&A

Portland Cello Project – ‘Denmark’ – Daniel Fickle, OR
Music video. Pily, a lovable crustacean, builds a rocket ship to escape the contagion of his underwater crops and home.

Becoming Tina - Eddie Lebron, NY*
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Live-action drama. 23 and unemployed, Janet turns to an old college friend who recommends she takes on a new career: escorting.

Ten Paces - Ryan Paimieri, CA
US PREMIERE! Live-action thriller. A man’s future rests in the hands of a duel.

City of Murals – Ricky Rose, FL
Documentary. This film traces the history of the inventive and unique Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia.

Stuffer – Nathan Crooker, AL*
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Live-action drama. A female Sgt. returns from the Afghanistan to her family fearing they will foreclose on their home. But she comes home with a secret…

I’m in Love with Kimberly Johnson – Adam Johns, FL
Like any 10-year-old boy with a crush, Andy has a plan to win her heart: stuffed animals. But Andy isn’t your average 10-year-old…

Jacob and Death – David Updike, PA
Live action dark comedy. Having failed at living, will Jacob be any better at dying? One thing stands in his way-Death has high standards.

Feature: Chasing the White Dragon
Dir. Kathilynn Phillips
Location: International House Philadelphia (Map)
3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104
Time: 7:45pm
Duration: 98mins + Live Q&A

The gripping tale of a fictional group of crystal meth users trapped in a torrent of violence, deceit, paranoia, and passion, who must either leap from the careening roller coaster or ride it to its nightmarish end.

Screening with the short:

Knuckle Sandwich - Dir. Bailey Donovan, PA
A hysteric young woman delights in the transient period between decision and consequence

Project Twenty1′s “Brain Destroyer” Opening Night
Thursday, September 29, 2011, 9:30 – 2 am
Drinkers West (Map)
3900 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
FREE ENTRY with Project Twenty1 All-Access Pass or COLLEGE ID – $10 at the door without

The secret element is…start with a crash. So crash into Drinkers West at Project Twenty1′s wildest Brain Destroyer Opening Night Party, in celebration of college, film, animation, and fun. Bring your Festival lanyards* or your college ID for NO COVER. (*You must pick up your lanyards BEFORE the party at the International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Sept 29, between 12pm-8 pm)

Enjoy EPIC specials (See, this is why we don’t host workshops or screenings until noon:):

$2.50 Bud Light Drafts – $3 Soco ‘n Lime Shots – $3 Cuervo Shots – $2 PBR – $1 Rolling Rock Ponies – $5.50 Three Olives + Red Bull Bombs
$1 Tacos — $.45 Wings – $.75 Miller High Life’s (until Midnight) — $2 Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Shots & Three Olives Dude Shots & $5 House Pitcher (10pm to Midnight)