Featured Showcase: Comedy & Cartoons

September 20, 2010 in Uncategorized by admin

This year, Project Twenty1 is kicking off its festival on a funny note, with Comedy & Cartoons, a showcase featuring 15 films from all over the world that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

Winner of the 2006 21-Day Filmmaking Competition, Kevin Lee, returns to our festival to give us a World Premiere of Alienative (pictured, left), a short film about an alien named Harry that finds himself in a new and confusing world. “I’ve seen a lot of Mr. Lee’s films, and I have to say, Alienative is his best work,” says Stephanie Yuhas, Festival Producer, “It has everything – a hilariously deadpan alien, a  shameless roommate itching to bust out new dance moves.  Um, subliminal cats….everywhere? Seriously, watch this thing, there are a lot of cats.”

Nick Fox-Gieg, the king of viral video (remember I Wanna Be Famous from 2007′s festival?),  returns to the Philadelphia Filmathon with a new animation entitled, The Orange. In addition to screening at over a dozen festivals, The Orange was was awarded “Best Animated Short, SXSW 2010″, and will now grace our screen as a part of the Comedy & Cartoons Showcase.

We would tell you more about Rob Walker‘s Son of a Beach, but I think he says it best in his promo:

Parking Garage takes to the logical conclusion what would happen if you lost your car in a parking lot, and sinister forces were actually preventing you from ever leaving. It is suitably ridiculous.

As for The Zucchini That Ate New York vs. Tomatozilla – just look at the title! Do you really need to know any more? Could you really live with yourself if you missed a film called something like that? And no, it is not just a catchy title with no payoff. It is in fact as hilarious as it sounds.

In Sandwich Sam, a sandwich shop employee goes to work at a body shop with a bizarre, drunken, Chubawamba-singin’ boss, who can summon music-video montages on a moment’s notice, and where cars unreasonably explode on a dime. One of the weirdest things – not just films, mind you, but things – we’ve ever seen, and that is a long list.

My Sister’s Butt by Pilar Newton is as classy as it sounds. But what do you expect from a music video written and performed by a 3 year old? This was voted Audience winner of our Show Us Your Shorts event in NYC in 2009.

Plus many more! Don’t miss out!

12:15pm – FILMATHON: Comedy & Cartoons

International House Philly Theater 3701 Chestnut St.
$8 Online
/$10 Cash at Door/FREE with VIP Pass


Alienative: Kevin Lee, PA, WORLD PREMIERE!
After his race has crash landed on Earth, Harry finds himself in a new and confusing world.
For a Fistful of Snow: Julien Ezri, Switzerland
Some will battle for anything, even… For a Fistful of Snow.
Parking Garage: Justin Lazernik, FL
Blair embarks on unusual journey trying to find her lost car.
A Day at the Park:
Spencer Stuard, CA, PHILLY PREMIERE!
There’s nothing worse than a pirate, except for one thing…
The Zucchini That Ate New York Vs. Tomatozilla:Caroline Fraissinet, PA, U.S. PREMIERE!
An experiment to solve world hunger goes horribly wrong.
Son of a Beach: Rob Walker, CO, E. COAST PREMIERE!
The reason why Rob doesn’t like going to the beach.
The Orange: Nick Fox-Gieg, Canada.
Suddenly, a humble citrus fruit is granted absolute power over the universe.
Sandwich Sam: Jamison Conti, PA.
The weirdest boss next to the sandwich shop.
Night Terrors: Matthew Thompson, PA.
A young boy meets the monsters under his bed.
Mission H2O: Sung kyu Koo, NJ.
A complicated problem with a simple solution.
Jerry Strikes Back: Orrin Zucker, MA.
Jerry hates moths. A LOT.
Survival: Soyeon Kim, California, U.S. PREMIERE!
How long can a relationship between friends be maintained in the face of the problem of survival?
Employee of the Month: Will Grenwalt, PA.
A brave man fights to be the Employee of the Month.
To Africa: Barb Steele, CA, PHILLY PREMIERE!
A little girl with big fantasies and a hatred of vegetables
My Sister’s Butt: Pilar Newton, NY, PHILLY PREMIERE!
An original song with lyrics improvised by a 4 & 6 year old.