Philadelphia: Cast & Crew Needed for feature “The Last Summer”

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KeyLight Films has open Crew Positions available (Student or Professional) for Feature Film Trailer to start filming mid to late Jan, 2012.

KeyLight Films is seeking crew members for the following positions:

-Footage & Data Manager Handler
-Key Grip
-Editors – (FCP7 or Adobe Premiere CS5)
-Location Manager
-Behind The Scenes
Videographers (3)
-Unit Production Manager -Scheduling time sheets Producer
-Script Supervisor – Continuity, Property Manager
-Line Producer
-Production assistants

Some positions will be compensated at rates commiserate with ultra low budget union contracts. This will require waivers or special contracts from union candidates workflow administration. Please e-mail Colleen Mullen & Cheryl Wallace at – NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE!


All Casting must be submitted by email only and must include head shot or picture attached to Colleen Mullen & Robb Stech NO PHONE CALL PLEASE!

This Casting Call is for the Trailer only but those chosen will be considered also for the feature as well.

Casting for the following roles:

Mickey – 23, troubled young man with gambling problems, abandonment issues, and the inability to truly own his independence. Bounces around low pay jobs to satisfy his gambling debts. A well-intentioned guy, but everyone remembers him as being more fun in the past, before his life was in a tailspin. Wants to change, but finds himself trapped by… himself.

Tim – 23, thin and healthy, an excellent cook and supportive friend. Tim battles his closet homosexuality constantly, fearing his friends’, the town’s, and his father’s reactions. Secretly seeing a slightly older gay man. The greatest guy in the world, when he’s not under the spotlight.

Sammie – 22, girl next door type. Small physique, sharp mind, loves traveling the world, and as a result, never really bought in to the ‘removed from society’ small town life. Can be one of the guys, but pretty and girlie enough to be a lady, too. Loves her family above all, her friends a close second. Actively tries to avoid discussing her problems, not wanting anyone to take pity on her. Strong willed and thick skinned.

Mary (Don’s mother) – 50s, loving mother. Just a little bit of a gossip and an inquisitor, but only because she cares about the people she’s talking to, or asking about. Nurturing and warm.

Jack (Don’s father) – 50s, supportive but slightly distant father. The type of man who enjoys golf and investment banking. Loves his family, but doesn’t wear emotions on his sleeve, partly because he doesn’t have overwhelming emotions to display

Carl (Tim’s father) – Late 50s. Loving father to Tim, as long as Tim’s a son to be proud of, as Carl imagines him – successful, well-liked, and heterosexual. Korean war veteran and homophobic, he can be too forward with his personality, to the point that it’s off-putting in public situations.

Michael (Mickey’s father) – early 40s, but clearly wearing all those years from a hard life. Calm demeanor. Talks to and treats his son with apologetic tones, for leaving Mickey and Mickey’s mother a long time ago.

Karen (Sam’s Mother) – 40s. Terminally ill, and not doing well. Usually a fantastic mother and vibrant person, the contrast of her old life versus her current condition is alarming and upsetting.

Gene Stewart – 40s, attractive openly gay man. Probably the only one in town, which has earned him a ton of resentment from the townspeople. This disgust also came with the freedom to be himself, and he lives as a functioning, mildly in-your-face neighbor.

Dr. Wheeler – 60s, with a traditional doctor look. An attentive and interested doctor, with a genuine care for his patients, and their best treatment.

Max (bartender) – Sturdy bartender with a disgruntled disposition