21-Day Filmmaking Competition Signup

Regular Deadline  June 30-July 29, 2014

Create a team and enter the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition! Teams from all over the world have three weeks to create a short film or animation (under 10 mins) based on a common secret element. Your purchase guarantees you as an Official 2014 Team, secures your screening slot in the theater (if you follow all the rules) and includes two free tickets to any single screening.

  • Get a World Premiere theatrical exhibition in a REAL movie theater, October 6th & 7th!
  • Make a film that will survive outside the context of the competition!
  • Get FREE assistance casting and crewing your film online, and at our FREE annual film industry launch event in Philadelphia on August 30th.
  • Become a part of an amazing film community that has been growing steadily and taking the world by storm since 2006.

Price: $175.00

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