21 Day Films DVD – Volume 1

Get our first year DVD and see where it all started! 17 short films from around the world, all different genres and styles, all based on the element "21."

PLUS special features like trailers, director's cuts, and even a behind-the-scenes video journal of one of the filmmakers' 21 day experience. Enjoy over 3 hours of content, and witness the birth of a festival sensation!

21 Seconds Team IIDieIV
A Permanent Change Team Supercala
Balance Team Super Nerve
Body of Work Team GOSONO Productions
Cotton Team Spookbuggy
Forgotten Melody Team Cold City
Funky Monkey Team Pow Pow
Gypsies Team Totorres
I Never Liked Mushrooms Team Access
In Zakk's Case Team 509
Lucky Number 21 Team Genesis Entertainment Group
Nigel Woolcock's Travels in the Orient: Volume XXI: Japan Team Exiles
One Over Team DMPU
Red Seven Team With No Name
Second Sight Team Manlet
Thanksgiving Team Screen Screams
The 21st Element Team Drop the HAT

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