21 Day Films DVD – Vol 3: Key

Our Volume 3 DVD features ALL 30 short films, including all the contest's Award Winners, created in 21 days, based on the secret element "Key."

These films come from around the world, all different genres and styles, from horror to comedy to sci-fi to animation! Also includes documentaries, trailers, director's cuts, and even a behind-the-scenes video journal of one of the Teams' 21-day experiences.

Over 5 hours of content in all!

Alters Team Flaming Marshmallow Productions
Battle Nun: Key to Heaven Team Sickening Thud
Chastity & Prudence Team Drop The HAT
Crimson Forest Team Yerwolves
Destiny Team Philagape
Dream Journal Team Good Yarn
Eight Minutes Team Scumberland Productions
Fog Team Team
Ghost Light Team Emerald Productions
In Vivo Team Spook Buggy
Keys of the Past Team Major Baggs
Keystone Jackal Team Warrington Oaks Pictures
Meat After School G Team
Otto Team Cash Bar/Dragon Crest
Overcome Team 10 Mile
Pattern: Response Team Synthetic Human
Powerless Team South Jersey
Runner Boys Team Sonic the Hedgehog
Salvation Team Axium
Sign of the Times Team FFB Films
Sleepwalking Team Jidai Geki a-go-go
So Happy It's ThursDAY Team Butterfly Blood
Spirit of Illusion Team Merg3d
The Journal's Paragon Team Justice Productions
The Last Request Team Silent Parade
TUMBLER: the boom Team Hard Boiled Productions
TUMBLER: the echo Team With No Name
Turn of Fate Team Stray Dog Films
Yarrrg! A Pirate Movie Team Groggy Heads
You: Keith's Enigma Team Cinema Alliance

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