21 Day Films DVD – Vol 6: Jump

Our Volume 6 DVD features over 30 short films & animations, including all the contest's Judges and Audience Award Winners and Honorable Mentions. All based on the secret element "Jump," and created as part of the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition.

These films come from around the world, all different genres and styles, from horror to comedy to sci-fi to animation!

The following films are included on this DVD:

‡ Best Film Winner

*Category Winners

Act of Kindness Team Spinshot Films
ascension Team Thing Three
Bear Jump Team Shochu Cat
Blackout* Team Philagape
Bleeding Hearts Team Sickening Thud
Choices Team EPV Films
Clipped Team Guts Guts Guts Guts
Flame & Shadow* Team half-watt Productions
Four Fists of Judgment Team Justice Productions
Gary's Got Game* Team JB Productions
God Said No Team Drop the HAT
Hit & Run Team Keeps Changing Their Name
Journey Upon Molly's Path Team Crackerhammer
Jump at the Opportunity Team Dizzy Radar
Jump Drive* Team Badger Tsunami
Kafka Pizza Team Liberty Bell Films
Killer Cables* Team Pure Genius Pictures
King Me Team Flaming Marshmallow Productions
Kingdom of Shadows* Team Art Party Pictures
Lost in the Shadows* Team Gati Kala
OCD Team Mass n Class
Oliver Team Future History Labs
Pool Party Team Noonan
Red & White Team Psynema
Resistant*‡ Team 10 Mile
St. Blacktrick Team Monstros Madre
Steampunk vs Superhero* Team GuyLoki Films
Superhero for Hire Team Inglorious Splicers
The House of the Wicked Team Assembled!!
The Long Week, or Even A Psychotic Break Can't Kill True Friendship Team Frank 'n' Nasty
Through Orange Eyes Team Stranger In The Alps
Unrest Team Turtle Power!


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