Click here for a 2013 Festival Recap

The entire year of events and programs culminate each year at the Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival. Project Twenty1 interns, volunteers, and community members meet industry professionals who can help advance their careers. Revenue is pumped into the community from visitors worldwide. The audience themselves are given ballots, becoming judges themselves, helping decide the fate of the work they’ve just seen.

Official Selections finally meet their audiences, and deals are struck to commence production on their next projects or secure distribution for completed work.

Best of the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition also receive a screening and get the opportunity to mingle with celebrity judges and the talented and often highly-experienced Official Selections.

Workshops run the gamut of film-related skills, teaching Acting, Special Effects, Film Financing, Grant-writing, and Project Pitching. Emphasis is placed on the skills needed to help artists turn their hobby into a full-time career.

The Red Carpet is unrolled for photo opportunities for both the community and media.

Awards and over $10,000 in prizes are distributed to Official Selections and 21-Day Filmmaking Competition Participants. The Project Twenty1 EPIC award is presented to a member of the community that embodies the EPIC spirit of Exhibiting, Promoting, Inspiring, and Connecting his or her fellow community members.

The Saturday Night Party, Shorts & Shots, gives filmmakers that did not make it into the Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival have an opportunity to screen in an open-mic style format and receive critique. Audience awards from the entire week are also tallied and distributed at the event.

Official Dates 2014-15 (coming soon)