Red Carpet Thank You!

September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized by admin


As a volunteer-run organization since 2006 that is still seeking a Title Sponsor, we’ve always dreamt of having a red carpet event but couldn’t afford the extravagance. Thanks to IndieGogo, we had our very own “Project Twenty1”, where we were given 21-Days to fundraise at least $1,250 to cover the material cost of this event. The fundraiser is still up and running, and as of 5:23 a.m. on September 30, we are only $31 short! We call THAT a success!

Want to attend this Red Carpet? Check out the schedule.
Want to donate the last few dollars to meet our goal? Visit IndieGogo.
Thank you to the following individuals & companies:


Community Sponsors
Crackerhammer Productions (Michael & Erica Mercadante, Carol Fritz, Francisca Nocella) $173
Synthetic Human Productions (David Matteson) $101
April Chmura $100
Morris Swartwood & Heath Schneibolk $100
Good to Be Seen Films $100
Stephanie & Mrs. Peberdy $100

Team Drop the Hat (Mary Orens) $60
Team Above-the-Line Entertainment (Kristin & Justin Schaack) $50
Team Justice Productions (Doug Seidel) $50
Pete Lauritzen & Heather Hain $50
Scott Patrick Pomroy $50
Team Art Party Pictures (Kevin Corcoran) $40
Anonymous $25
Mark Kochanowicz $21
Team With No Name (Anthony Griffin) $21
Team Daywalker (Doug Layne)  $20
Team Emerald Productions (Kent Green) $20
Mark Loewenstern $20
Team Sickening Thud Productions $20

Special Thanks
While most of society stands by and watches, these individuals contribute genuine elbow grease:
International House Philadelphia (We love you, Renae, Jesse P, Jesse K, Carole & Wendy!)
Matthew Lanken & Justin Moreno
SinattiPop for letting us borrow the van because the Red Carpet wouldn’t fit into our Subaru Forester.
Michael Wingate Jones for showing us that it’s not shameful to ask for community support.
Team Crackerhammer for kicking us in the butt to do this thing AND throwing in extra PR help.
Pete Lauritizen for saving our butt and helping repair, transport & setup this Red Carpet Event.
NO thanks to the banner store for sending us an overpriced, wrong, damaged item with no replacement.