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This feature follows up with Rita P., filmmaker for Team As One, who made the short film “Light My Fire” for the 21-Day Competition.  Her film will be screening Sunday, Oct. 5th at 7:30pm along with 9 other films as part of the Green Screening. Check out the article:

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With Project 21 in full swing, we’ve taken the time to sit down and interview a few of the film makers involved. Meet Rita P.

1. How is it being a film maker in Philadelphia?
As a filmmaker living in Philly it has been challenging, but exciting as Philly is blossoming in being film friendly. One of the most challenging aspects is the post production process and financial support.

But perhaps the best part about shooting in Philly is working with producers Rashawn Moore & Rita Moore of All Over The World productions (The Archive Collection), whose great support and creativity makes things run smoother for filmmakers.

2. What’s so great about Project 21? Why’d you choose to enter in the contest?Project Twenty One is an awesome networking source. Through Film Festivals like this one you can actually concentrate more on the art of making the film rather than the logistics, such as distribution etc.

I have a strong competitive spirit , so I chose to enter Project Twenty1 to test the waters and see what my competitions is like.

3. What else have you done in film?
I’ve produced and directed in the past films such as “To Da East My Brotha” Hip Hop documentary, shot in Asia.
“In the Eyes of the Rugged Child” Wu Tang/ Shyhiem documentary.
“W.A.R ” (World Altercation Rap) International Rap Battles.

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