Project Twenty1’s Community Screeners are an ever-rotating group of film lovers whose votes help determine Official Selections for all Project Twenty1 programming, including the Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival.

Screeners act as the inner circle that gets to go behind-the-scenes of how selections are made for Project Twenty1’s programs.

As a screener, you get to

  • learn about techniques, styles, and genres of filmmaking, and see a wide variety of styles of animation being utilized by cutting-edge media artists from around the world
  • analyze what separates a “good” scene or film from a “bad” one – you’ll never watch a film the same way again!
  • provide valuable (anonymous) feedback to our community of emerging artists, helping them improve their craft
  • be the first of your friends to see some excellent films and animations making their way through the festival circuit
  • help provide that “big break” needed to the next generation of Steven Spielbergs, Kathryn Bigelows, and J. J. Abramses.

If you are interested in becoming a screener, RSVP – these sets fill up rapidly. Please ensure you have no conflicts of interest before RSVPing.

None of these films have been seen by the public before, so they may contain may contain profanity, violence, nudity, etc. Screeners under the age of 17 must attend with a parent or guardian. These are very small, private screenings for between 3-25 people at a time.

Conflicts of interest:

  • If you have a film in consideration for the upcoming PFAF (21-Day Teams not submitting to PFAF & people with films in our Film Library from prior years are okay)
  • If you are on the board/selection panel of a different film festival/organization that is currently or is planning to administer screenings in the next 2 years (however, you are welcomed to contact us as a Festival or Screening Partner)
  • If you are friends with/related to any of the films considered for the upcoming PFAF, you must recuse yourself from that screening.