S&S-Reel-LgTNFilmmakers and animators bring their films, animations, music videos & trailers (under 15 mins) on DVD, throw them in the Grab Bag, and Project Twenty1 screens them all night! Audience will randomly select films throughout the evening.

Shorts & Shots has a three-pronged mission:

  1. Provide our community with an opportunity to exhibit their work – completed and in-progress – receive feedback, and make connections to make future projects even better.
  2. Provide artistic events in unique, unexpected places, and engage the community and audience in artistic dialogue and discussion.
  3. Contribute to the economic development of our community and the Greater Philadelphia area by encouraging foot-traffic and commerce in under-served and/or under-utilized venues and neighborhoods.

These are among our least formal and most unpredictably fun events. If you are a filmmaker screening your work, please check to make sure your disk works before you come. We are not responsible for glitchy disks, but we’ll do the best we can to give you an awesome screening. Viewer discretion advised for potential R-Rated content. Short and visually exciting films, animations, and comedies are better suited for this event than dialog-driven or heavy dramas, but all works are welcome.

Artist Prizes

In addition to our standard door prizes and special Member-only raffles, top short film of the night, chosen by audience vote, will win a prize pack. Prizes vary from event to event, but past winning films have received over $500 worth of prizes, including free VIP Passes, software, drink tickets, partner discounts, and more.