“Show Us Your Shorts 2″ Recap

March 31, 2009 in Uncategorized by admin

suys-glow1Thanks to everyone that attended the second “Show Us Your Shorts” Saturday night! We had an exciting night of film screenings, Earth Hour celebrating and Glow Networking! We also had a celebrity appearance from James Rolfe, AKA, the Angry Video Game Nerd, who screened his short “The Deader, The Better”, as well as one of the episodes of his series, “The Angry Video Game Nerd”.

Several people Live-Tweeted the whole night, using the #p21 hashtag in order to volunteer to participate in any upcoming 21-Day Filmmaking Competition productions and Tweet reactions about some of the amazing films we screened that night, including:

“Too Short to be a Man,” from Tom Sims
“Fresh Girl,”from Alan Fenstermaker
“Duly Noted” from Justin Muchons & Chris Kapcia.
“Passions of the Christ” from Doug Seidel & Justice Productions
“Who Killed Dolly?” from Kevin Novinski
“The Chrononauts,” from Nick Martorelli.
“I’m Paying for It,” from Mark Mackner
“Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 46:  Mario 3″ from James Rolfe
“Anemone”from Red Orange Morning’s  Cyndi Ocava
“Moody Blues” from Vickie M. Feldman
“Twilight Parody” from “Riff Chick”, Emily K
“8:18″ from Matt Perdie & Alan Fenstermaker
“The Deader the Better” from James Rolphe
“JaGLfaB Trailer” from C. Thaddeus Banks

Despite the tough competition, Mark Mackner received the vote for audience favorite with “I’m Paying for It” – congratulations, Mark! Enjoy your free gifts!

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Special thanks goes out to Kevin & Lauren from Marbar who helped organize this event, Bill & Andrea from FirstGlance Film Festivals for co-hosting, Dawn Harvey for her amazing ability to MC, and of course, the amazing volunteers and staff of Project Twenty1 (in alphabetical order): Amanda, Lee, Matt, Mel, Na’imah, Nicole, Rudy, Sean & Stephanie.

Ya’ll Rock!