“Show you my what?!”

February 22, 2009 in Uncategorized by admin

“Show you my what?!”
What to expect when you “Show Us Your Shorts”
by Rudy Flesher, Project Twenty1 Online Content Editor—-

Show Us Your Shorts (SUYS) is a partnered event sponsored by Project Twenty1 and FirstGlance Film Festivals where you, our beloved local artist, can come see your work screened and also network with other independent filmmakers, crew and actors that are just waiting to work on your next project. Simply bring a copy of your film DVD (check to make sure it works first!) and bring it out to our event. Yes, you do get extra points if you wear actual shorts in inhospitable weather and no, these points have no cash value. But they sure are fun to collect, aren’t they?

The films are screened open mic-style on a first-come, first-served basis and must be under TEN minutes. No, you may not screen your eighty-four minute period piece just because the costumes show of your flat mate’s brilliant seamstress skills. We want as many artists as possible to screen their films! The ideal films for this venue are shorts with little dialogue, and anything that is visually interesting and often brightly colored or animated. Genres that play well are comedy, music videos, trailers, B-horror send ups, and the like – anything to literally “show off” to a crowd of people. While we applaud your documentaries, dramas and student films of crying mimes in existential crisis, these events are just for fun. If you do have a stellar piece that deserves a large, theatrical screening, please consider submitting to the Project Twenty1′s Philadelphia Filmathon and FirstGlance Film Festivals over the next few months!

The second aspect of SUYS is that you should come ready to network, network, network!  This is a great opportunity to hear what projects everybody else is working on or even come up with a new one on your own as you are inspired by the incredible diversity of artists we get at every event.  Bring business cards, head shots, your CV and anything else you can distribute to promote yourself.  Do you have a clip reel on DVD?  Congratulations, you have talent and a budget! Now come hand those suckers out.



Good luck guys!