South New Jersey: Indie Casting (volunteer)

December 19, 2011 in for actors, opportunities by admin

New independent filmmaker & writer starting production on brand new film this summer. Since this is no-budget indie,  will be shot when people are available (so schedules are not a problem).

***No pay, non-union film to help build reels/try to get into festivals.  If you are a main character, you’ll get a copy after festival submission

Will be filmed in the tri-state area, mostly in south jersey, woodbury/westville area.

Beverly: 5’7 and up. Aged 24 — 25. Wire rimmed glasses, short, dark, bob haircut,. Average to slightly heavier weight. Very outgoing and obnoxious.

Vivian: 5’5 — 5’7, Age 23 — 25. Dark hair, slender. Soft spoken, modest.

Kathryn: 5’5 — 5’9 Age 23 — 25. Dark to medium brown hair, shoulder length hair (or slightly longer), Average build. Sweet, supposed to be pregnant, but not showing.

Robert: 5’9 — 6′ Age 24 — 25. Brown hair, sharp features, talkative, Gemini-personality

Jarvis: 5’11 — and up. Age 23 — 24. African American, jolly, obnoxious, gay.

Lucy: 5’7 — 5’8. 23 – 25 Dirty blonde to dark blonde. Straight hair. Athletic build. Tan

Gabe: 5’9 — 6′ Athletic build, light brown hair. Age 23 — 24

Ivy: 5’7 — 5’9. Age 23 — 24, long dark hair, slender, mysterious.

Simon: 5’10 — and up. Age 23 — 25. Dark hair, slender, mysterious, creepy.

SUPPORTING ROLES (5 minute parts)

Libby: Long, thick, wavy dirty blonde hair. Mid 20′s to late 20′s. Average build. Into women’s studies kind of personality.

Russell: 6′, late 20′s. Average weight, not lanky. Sarcastic, jolly, realistic.

Waiter: Asian, short or average height. Speaks English well, and with accent.

Marla: Eight years old, skinny, long dark hair, wants to play with older brother Shawn (who cant stand her)

Young Shawn: light hair, buzzed or even a small mullet. Think 90′s haircuts. 15 y/o, lanky, cut off shots.

Mom: late 30′s/early 40′s. Shoulder length hair, average build, typical mother.

Dad: light colored hair, 30/40′s.

Father: bowl hair cut, late 30′s. Think Christopher Sieber in Two of a Kind.

Lex: 17 y/o, dark, short hair, valley girl like. Average build. 5’6.

Tommy: 11 y/o. dark hair, bowl cut, skinny.

Mark: 7 y/o, chubbier than Tommy,

Savannah: 17 y/o, long dark blonde hair, skinny.

Kelly: 17 y/o, dark curly hair, a little heavier,

Ethan: 18y/o, 6′, blonde hair, athletic build, attractive, jock

Melvin: 19 y/o, short wavy hair, attractive, misunderstood, glasses.

Liza: Attractive 21 y/o, curvy, 5’7. Full, medium length curly hair, dramatic, egotistical

Max: Innocent theatre guy, longer dark hair, early 20′s, 6′

Claire: 5’5, medium blonde hair. Curvy, outgoing, bubbly.

Stoner 1: young skateboarder, early 20′s. scruffy hair.

Stoner 2: a little heavier, shoulder length, dirty blonde hair.

Waiter: Asian man, taller than the other waiter.

Man: preppy, 5’9, early 30′s

Woman: preppy, 5’5 — 5’7. early 30′s

Cook 1: average-thicker build, 25 y/o man

Cook 2: average-thicker build, 25 y/o man.

Svelta: Eastern European, any color hair, deep blue eyes, thin, model-like.
Yeita: Eastern European, any hair color, average build.
Groom: Eastern European, 6′, attractive, dark hair, five 0′clock shadow.
Adult Shawn: Light hair, buzzed. 23. Empty looking.
Karl: 40′s, long scraggily hair. Dirty looking–homeless.
Officials(2): two men to put up a street sign.

Please e-mail with photo and character you are interested in to schedule an audition.



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