Our First Project Twenty1 Baby!

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Bensalem couple to name child after film festival.
Bucks County Courier-Post
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Photo by Simona Balint

BENSALEM, P.A. — Alan and Fia Prollos are independent filmmakers. The met at the Project Twenty1 Launch Event in Philadelphia last July, a networking event intended to connect local film professionals in order to create an original short film in just 21-Days.

“Alan was wearing a name tag that said, ‘Filmmaker’ and I was wearing a one that said ‘Actress’, so it was easy to break the ice,” said Fia.

“Honestly, I wasn’t even going to go to this thing because I hate networking events,” admitted Alan, “but I didn’t know any actors and the flyer said there would be free food.”

After the announcement of the “Secret Element” that all Teams needed to place in their films, Alan and Fia agreed to create an original film about “Light”. Fia decided that she wanted to play a vampire who was addicted to the sun.

“We were stuck on the script,” said Fia, “So Alan said we could try writing in the dark to actually feel what the vampire was going through. And we kissed!”

Three weeks later, instead handing in their films, they handed in their plane tickets Las Vegas, Nevada, where they eloped at the Hilton Hotel.

“I always wanted to get married at the Star Trek Experience, but the hotel was  dismantling it in September,” said Alan, “So I had to propose quick!”

The couple announced their marriage and Fia’s pregnancy shortly after their honeymoon. It was only this week that they announced the baby’s full name “Project Twenty1 Prollos”, despite pleas from their family to use a more standard name.

“It feels right to name our baby after the film festival that inspired our love,” Fia said during her interview, patting her stomach.
We’re both pretty sure that it’s a boy,” commented Alan, “But it’s it turns out to be a girl, we’ll call her ‘Projette’ instead.”
“We’re shocked, but thrilled,” said Project Twenty1 Executive Producer, Stephanie Yuhas. “I’ve always dreamed that someone would fall in love at one of our events!”

“I am amazed that someone named a baby after our organization,” commented Festival Director, Matt Conant. “As a special thanks, will have special ordered infant-sized T-shirts with our logo.”

Although the couple did not finish their film to meet the 21-Day deadline, they are still very much involved in the Project. Their original script, intended to be 10-minutes horror, blossomed into a full feature script over the last nine months.

“We probably need to cut it down. It’s up to 196 pages, which is a bit out of our budget to shoot, especially with a new little one.”
At 12:34 a.m. last night, Fia gave birth to a 7 pound, 5 ounce little girl. Welcome to the world, Projette!