The SUSIE FILMMAKER program helps filmmakers and artists within the Project Twenty1 community find last-minute resources, answers questions from our community, and connects artists to the people and resources they need to keep producing. To date, Susie has helped connect hundreds of artists around the world, and helped create more than 200 films from scratch.

Artists are inherently wallflowers much of the time, so at Project Twenty1 events, anyone with a “Hello, my name is Susie Filmmaker” name tag is available to personally  introduce our artists around to our community – assist them in finding the talent, crew, and equipment they need to bring their art to the next level.

If you are an artist, connect with Susie online so she can connect you!

Susie Hall of Fame

Former Susies that have graduated and are flying free (but still attend events, so make sure you say, “Hi!”)


  • Amanda Cusumano (Partner Outreach)
  • Nicole Green (Social Media)
  • Na’Imah Akbar (Festival Liaison)
  • Leah Prager (Partner Outreach)
  • Amanda Johnson (Community Outreach)
  • Rudy Flesher (Online Content Management)
  • Mel Orpen (Community Outreach)
  • Aislinn Tomchak (Event Planning)
  • Caroline Boyd (Filmmaker Liaison)

Photography by Lee Rosenfeldt