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TEAM NEWSLETTER – August 17th, 2010

We’re posting this online for our Teams in case anyone’s e-mail is bouncing!

It’s been an exciting few weeks thus far on the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition, and though it isn’t quite at an end yet, we thought we’d bring you all up to date on the highlights, and let you know what to do before this Saturday’s due date and Drop Event!

Hopefully most of you are winding down production and working hard on post. Rendering is always a killer for a couple of Teams each year, so make sure you have an edit you can be happy with exported to tape or disc EARLY that you can deliver in the event of the unspeakable!!


Remember: your films are due in person OR POSTMARKED THIS SATURDAY, August 21st, by 7:00pm U.S. Eastern Daylight Time.

All submissions must include:

1) YOUR FILM (preferably 2 copies, on video DVD, miniDV, DVCam, OR a DATA-DVD with a playable full-resolution or HD video file).
2) All of your forms, including
The PARTICIPANTS AGREEMENT (signed by all Owners of the film), CERTIFICATION FORM , and PROMOTIONAL FORM, and all relevant Cast/Crew, Music, Location, and Materials waiversU.S.A. download.  International filmmakers, please visit forms page. (Film Tip: You might want to hold onto a blank copy of these released for future, non-Project Twenty1 productions as they will save you a ton of headache if and when a big distribution company wants to buy your film!)

IN-PERSON SUBMISSIONS (Do not mail stuff here!!)
Project Twenty1 Drop Event & Mixer
Saturday, August 22, 4 pm – 8 pm
North Bowl Lounge & Lanes
909 N. 2nd St 
Philadelphia, PA 19123

We will be interviewing all filmmakers present and learning more about the films you’ve worked so hard on, and capturing the stories that went into their creation. So come on out and bring as much of your Team as you want! We will be there from 4:00pm until 8:00pm. All qualifying films submitted after 7:00:00 will still be screened at the Festival, but will not be eligible for Awards. See you there!


Project Twenty1
Attn: 21-Day Competition
1203 W. Elm St.
Norristown, PA 19401

If you are mailing us your films via USPS, keep in mind, many stations are NOT OPEN on Saturdays, or are only open until 12:00 noon or 2:00pm, and we need to see a postmark before 7:00pm EDT on Saturday (do the math for your local time zones, please!), so do your research or send it on Friday if you need to, to be sure. Our next suggestion would be find a FedEx Kinkos, which are frequently (but not always) open 24/7. Stand there and make the counterperson put it in the system while you’re there to ensure an accurate delivery time stamp! You don’t need to spend extra money on Priority Overnight Mail – we will e-mail you the moment your film arrives.

FAQ: Rules Recap

Before you send us your films, keep in mind the following:

1) The Secret Element, “Between the Lines,” MUST be somewhere in the film, even if it’s only implied or referred to offhandedly. BUT the better it is incorporated into the theme, story, or feel of the film, the better chance you have of winning it all!

2) The films MUST be, at their longest, 10:00 minutes EVEN, including credits. We’ve had several calls about this now, and we cannot make exceptions.  You’ve got most of a week left, use it and edit, edit, edit until it works! We guarantee you can tell a successful story in under 10 minutes. If you need to expand it later for our Film Library & Festival Partners, that is acceptable, but to be eligible for a Screening, Awards, and Prizes, you MUST meet the time requirements.

3) You must submit to us copies of ALL your Forms, Waivers and Releases needed to ensure you have the rights to everything that appears in your film. We recommend retaining copies for your own reference as well! Ours go into a giant, Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark-style vault, never to be seen again unless legal issues arise.

4) The film must be on a physical tape or disc medium and in our hands by the deadline in order to qualify for Awards, no exceptions! Do NOT show up at 7:00pm with a laptop displaying a “final edit” on a timeline or a “rendering” progress bar. This is not a completed film!! This happens at least once every year.

We know most of you are in this for the spirit of competition, the thrill of filmmaking, and the promotion you get from being a part of this Competition. But all that is a given… that still doesn’t mean you aren’t thinking about the incentive to win!

The Grand Prize Winner of “Best Film” from our 21-Day Filmmaking Competition will receive a complete software package from Sony Creative Software, consisting of Sony Vegas 9.0, Vegas Pro Production Assistant, and select Sony loop libraries, together valued at $1000! In addition, Glidecam is providing a Glidecam 4000 Pro camera stabilizer! Final Draft is contributing a copy of Final Draft 8 screenwriting software! will provide the winner with a free film budget, AND you will also walk home with the coveted Project Twenty1 2010 Trophy! And don’t forget all the promotion, hype and networking contacts that will come with victory! Our winning film is sent to dozens of festivals nationwide FREE of entry fees!

I hear what you’re saying: that’s all well and good for the winner, but what about the other awesome films that make the deadline but miss the Grand Prize by one or two votes? Well, all qualifying Category winners are guaranteed inclusion on Project Twenty1′s Volume 4 DVD “Between the Lines” that gets distributed commercially, as well as being sent to our Festival Partners and Screening Partners around the U.S. These films are also nearly guaranteed to get up on imdb through our submissions to other festivals! In addition, winners of every category will receive a suitable-for-framing Award Certificate.

The official categories are: Best Film, Best Directing, Best Writing, Best Acting, Best Cinematography, Best Animation, Best Editing, Best Music, Best Sound Design, Best Effects, Best Use of Element, Best Marketing, and the much-sought-after Audience Award. Our independent panel of judges will be judging your films in all of these categories save two: the Audience Award, which as you might imagine, rests with those in the audience, and the award for Best Marketing, which will be chosen by us, the Project Twenty1 Staff, for two reasons. 1) We have sort of the catch-all perspective on how well you are connecting with people, and 2) we also have the best view of how many people come to us asking about your film pre-festival. So, even AFTER the Drop Event, you are allowed to work on Marketing, and we’ll be watching for your trailers, websites, posters, newspaper articles, and innovative guerrilla marketing techniques. Just don’t do anything that can get you arrested. :) And if you have any photos of your Team in action, trailers, podcasts, posters, etc. send them to us so we can put them up on our site or add them to your Press materials when promoting your film!

Thank You All!

Thanks again to all of you who are brave enough to be not only participating, but STILL participating. As you’ve probably realized by now, making a film you can be proud of in 21-Days is not easy! And it is because we know how hard you all work that we work hard for you afterward to make sure the world sees your films.

So good luck!! You have 4 days left.  Make them count!


Your friends, as always,

Stephanie Yuhas, Executive Producer
Matt Conant, Artistic Director
& All the Susie Filmmakers

Project Twenty1