SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2nd @ 7:30pm – FILMATHON FEATURE: HANDLEBAR (with Emily in the A.M.) 106 mins.
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In one of those sorts of coincidences we truly love, one that proves how talented a community we truly have here, this screening happens to feature 2 films submitted to the Philadelphia Filmathon by filmmakers who are also participants in this year’s 21-Day Competition.

In the 60-minute feature film Handlebar, Dwayne and Benny, two low-level thieves, are hired by an inner-city mafioso, Manny, to kidnap a rival’s daughter. Instead, they make the biggest mistake possible: taking the boss’s daughter instead. Rueben ‘The Cuban’, a hired hitman, is brought in by Manny to find out what’s really going on, and things just go downhill from there for the duo.

Michael McCallum, the actor/director behind the hilarious and bizarre caper-gone-wrong film, also plays one of the leads in Team With No Name’s entry into this year’s 21-Day Competition: All of the Highs, None of the Lows, which will be screening on Sunday at 5:00pm as a part of the Violet Screening. If you’re up in the air about this screening, check out the trailer for several reasons not to miss it. It is easily one of the funniest films currently on the festival circuit.


Much of the cast and crew of Handlebar will be joining us from Michigan for the weekend’s festivities, so you will get the opportunity for exclusive Q&A after the screening!

The lead-in to Handlebar is the 30 minute short “Emily in the A.M.” from local director Dan Brown of Wide Eyed Pictures. Emily is a great Philly film, following protagonist Emily as she journeys on foot through the unfamiliar streets of Philadelphia to find her fiance Jim. Along the way she meets a series of bizarre, intimidating, and quirky characters that each reveal to her a truth she will no longer be able to ignore if she finds her way to Jim’s doorstep.


Dan Brown and other members of the cast and crew will also be on hand as a part of the post-screening Q&A.

Wide Eyed Pictures has also created a film for the weekend’s 21-Day Competition screenings, “Between the Blinds,” also coincidentally a part of Sunday’s Violet Screening.

We swear, we’re not doing this on purpose.

As a palate cleanser between the two films, we proudly give you: Soccer Time by filmmaker Ed Hawkins. It’s the strangest thing ever and nearly worth the price of admission on its own, even at only a 2 minute run time.

We hope that you’ll join us for this screening!

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