Official Selections – Philadelphia Filmathon (alphabetical order)

Anderson’s Cross - Nicholas Downs (Honorable Mention)
Kabluey (Winner: Best Feature)

Left/Right - Matthew Wolfe (Honorable Mention)
Public Interest - Brad Robinson
Queen: Champions of the World - Rudi Dolezal
Victim’s Song - Russ Lichterman (Winner: Best Feature)

26 Months After Katrina
- Mark Loewenstern

All You’ve Got - Anthony Griffin

Dear Fatty - Hsin-I-Tseng

Mundus - Ray Duval

Only Love - Lev Polyakov

The Maiden Voyage of Jimmy Swash - Betsy Kagan

Official Selections – 21-Day Filmmaking Competition

8:18 - Team Andrew’s M-80

<Air - Team Team

A Light In the Depths of Darkness - Team Altered Heroes

A Light Lie - Team AI

Another Bad Idea - Team Me, Me, Me

At Best, I Am A Beast - Team Cut Rush

Daisy Derkins, Dogsitter of the Damned - Team Crimson Zero

Got The Life - Team EMFP

Jack & Melissa Break Up - Team MeatIsMurder Films

Jane’s World - Team PhilaGape

Keratome - Team Fretboard (Winner: Best Acting)

Leon and the Wolf - Team Cold City (Winner: Best Film, Best Cinematography)

Light My Fire - Team As One

Light of My Life - Team Phantasm

Lighte Filme - Team Spook Buggy

Lighten Up - Team Jobless

Lights Out - Team Splined Mind

Lightweight - Team Piragua

Night Light - Team Justice Productions

NoNaMe - Team Kifa Production

On The Spot - Team Flaming Marshmallow Productions

Playback - Team With No Name

Pop My Bubbles - Team Psynema

Schijnwerper - Team Normal View

Shadowplay - Team Felt Media

Smeladelphia - Team Flame Girl Productions

Terminated! - Team Third Floor Productions (Winner: Best Directing)

The Unbearable Lightness of Guitar - Team minimumopus

The Universe And I - Team Drop The Hat (Winner: Best Music)

Turmoil - Team Butterfly Blood