NEWSLETTER November 30, 2006
This Saturday, up to 21 Teams will be providing us with their films and any additional promotional materials. Will everybody make it in time? There’s only one way to find out: Show up! The Drop Event/Meet & Greet will be open to the public, so come cheer on our filmmakers, enjoy some food, and network to your heart’s content! Read more about this exciting event below. But first…


Been wondering what all the fuss is about? Have you been following on the outskirts, but not quite sure what’s going on? Well come find out! All Official 2006 Project Twenty1 Films.

Dec. 2nd Drop Event
Meet Our Teams. FREE Food! Open to the public!
Philadelphia University of the Arts (Hamilton Hall)
320 S. Broad Street
1st Floor, Hunt Room
Doors open at 5 pm, deadline for film drop-off is 8 pm.
Dec. 4th Red Screening @ 7:00pm
Blue Screening @ 9:30pm
Dec. 5th Blue Screening @ 7:00pm
Red Screening @ 9:30pm

International House Theatre (University of Penn)
3701 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

This is the World Premiere of each of these brand-new independent films, brought to you by Project Twenty1 and our intrepid filmmaking Teams. Simply pre-order tickets on our website to guarantee a seat on your preferred night of screenings. And spread the word! The best part? If you show up to the Screenings, YOU get to vote for your favorite films! Twenty-one Teams of filmmakers are counting on you to decide their fate, and you may just lead the next Martin Scorcese down the path to fame and fortune! For more information on Screenings and to reserve your tickets now, click here!


For our Teams, this Saturday’s Event will be about the “3 Fs”: Films, Forms, and most importantly, Fiesta!


For the Official Teams that cannot personally attend the Drop, NOW’S THE TIME to expedite them to your Ambassador! The Ambassadors are eager to help, but they can’t do anything if they don’t have your film by Saturday! Get them a rough cut first and then ship the polished version later if you have to, just to make sure they have SOMEthing to hand in if your editing system were to explode between now and this weekend!


Teams, read this. We know it’s boring. BUT… If you are not going to be in attendance this Saturday, we need the Certification and Promotional Forms, available here, from you before Saturday, or we will be forced to disqualify you! We cannot screen (or release on DVD) any films that you have not granted us the rights to screen, and if we can’t screen them, the judges and the audience won’t see them, so you will also be ineligible for Awards! Please fax these forms to us at: 215-689-4403 immediately.

If you ARE going to be present in person, come with forms in hand or be ready to fill them out there before we will accept your film. We need proof from all our filmmakers that you have been granted the rights to use everything that appears in your films. This is equally important as bringing your film itself!


The Drop Event is a party, so bring your whole Team! Bring your friends! And don’t forget to bring your FILM!

This Event is open to the public, so any and all creative individuals reading this right now are invited to come and celebrate the birth of not only a film festival, but of 21 brand-new independent films and animations. This will be a catered Event, so come early and stay all evening if you want. Films must be received by 8:00pm on the dot, but the doors open at 5, and the party will go until 10:00pm. Looking forward to seeing you there!


As promised, Susan Lewis of WRTI is right now working on a follow-up story to Project Twenty1’s story as part of “Creatively Speaking” two weeks ago. Ms. Lewis has been following films where she can and has been putting together an excellent conclusion to the Project. Be sure to tune in and listen this Saturday between 11:00am and 11:30am to learn about the Project so far, the Drop Event, and the Screenings this coming Monday and Tuesday!


Quang, Stephanie, & Matt
Project Twenty1 Producers

Presenting Sponsors 2006

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