NEWSLETTER October 15, 2006

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Be one of the 21 Teams to sign up for Project Twenty1 Film & Animation Festival Competition

Signups are now up for Project Twenty1, so if you want to be one of the 21 participating Teams, stop reading this newsletter and get onto our official website right NOW.  Signups will occur through the brand-new store page, so sign in, place the Registration in your cart, pay the entry fee, and check out.  Congratulations, you’re a Team!  Now it’s time to start gathering your cast and crew and prepare yourselves for the filmmaking event of 2006!

BONUS! – PRIZE FOR THE WINNERWe are happy to announce that the Winner of “Best Film of Project Twenty1” gets to finish the competition with more than simply a hearty handshake and the honor of being “Best Film” in a national competition.  Thanks to the generous people at Johnsrud and Associates, we will also be providing our Winning Team with a Western Digital® My Book™ Premium Edition External USB 2.0/FireWire 400 Hard Drive, with a whopping 320GB of storage capacity, perfect for any filmmaker or animator in need of portable storage of dozens of hours of raw footage or animation!  It’s just our way of giving a little added incentive to our competitors, and a little more motivation to make the best short projects you can in 21 days!
Western Digital Hard Drive
VOLUNTEERS Those of you still reading this newsletter are presumably hangers-on as much as actual competitors, and that’s great!  If you are interested in contributing to our festival in any way, but aren’t sure you want to actually be involved in the making of a film, we have another option for you: be a volunteer!  Project Twenty1 is seeking enthusiastic volunteers in the Philadelphia area, starting immediately, to help produce and promote our competition and our screenings.  If you are interested in learning the ins and outs from behind-the-scenes of what goes into creating a film festival from scratch, here’s your chance!  Please contact us for more information.

That’s it for this issue, but trust us, there will be plenty more to announce soon.  For those of you still reading, get on the site now and sign-up as a Team!  Or if you don’t want to head your own team, get on our Forums and let people know you’re out there.  Teams will doubtless be hungry for creative talent, and you can make some new friends!  Don’t want to do any of the above?  Become a volunteer!  Or, if you’re just along for the ride, hang on tight… this ride is just getting up to speed now.
More to come soon, and welcome to the beginning of Project Twenty1!


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