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Project Twenty1 Seeks Funding to Turn Vacant Norristown Parking Lot into Outdoor Film Venue

Project Twenty1, a nonprofit arts organization, is working with the Norristown community and municipality to revitalize the city through film and animation programs. The group, founded in 2006 to help bring exposure to new and independent filmmakers, began as a once-a-year film festival promoting Philadelphia artists. Today, it is a full-time organization, hosting several film programs throughout the year.

The 2011 Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival, headed by the organization, hosted workshops and premiered over 120 short and feature films, from studios as local as Bucks County to as far-reaching as Singapore, over the course of its 4-day period; its premier event alone – the eponymous 21-Day Filmmaking Competition – received over 60 entries, and estimates almost 100 teams of filmmakers for this year’s festival in September.

Revitalization work has already begun through Norritown Arts Council, a task force of volunteers and arts group, including Project Twenty1, as well as a city-sponsored streetscaping campaign that included the redressing of the Arts Hill crosswalks as film strips, and the upcoming renovation of 401 DeKalb St. into a live theater by Theatre Horizon. Plans are also in the works to create a commemorative mural for Norristown’s bicentennial event. Film is the only aspect missing from all of this arts influx, which is why Project Twenty1 is moving forward on an open-air film screening series, dubbed, “Movies from the Hill,” which will bring  regular public film screenings to Norristown for the first time in 30 years.

“Movies from the Hill” will feature works from Project Twenty1’s library of over 600 independent films, as chosen by the residents of Norristown, as well as potentially offering walk-on screenings for filmmakers wishing to premier their works. The first such event is ostensibly planned for the summer of 2012, for which Project Twenty1 has raised $3,500 of the estimated $11,637 needed to run the event. The group is currently seeking tax deductible donations for the remaining amount on their website.

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Project Twenty1 is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization with an EPIC mission to Exhibit, Promote, Inspire, and Connect creatives through film and animation. Project Twenty 1 is focused on helping artists & filmmakers turn their passions into careers. Support these programs by making a tax-deductible contribution today.

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