checkboxIf you like the PA Film Industry, it’s up to YOU to save it!

Senate Republicans have introduced Senate Bill 850, an alternative to the governor’s budget proposal. This bill eliminates financial support to the state & regional film offices. The elimination of these offices signals a strong intention by the Senate Republicans to remove the film production tax credit program, thereby eradicating this emerging industry in Pennsylvania.

Those awesome folks at the Philadelphia Film Office will lose their jobs, so they won’t be able to help YOU get permits for your locations. They won’t be able to host independent film events to exhibit YOUR work. And they won’t be able to get the big budget features in town that employ YOU, in addition to thousands of other film professionals, carpenteres, electricians, etc.

This bill will be up for a vote this Wednesday, May 6th. We NEED you to call and e-mail the Senate Republican Leadership immediately to voice your OUTRAGE against SB 850.

E-mail is not enough! Politicians “count” phone calls more than e-mails. Leave a message at each one of these numbers – you don’t have to yell, but you need to be heard!

Senate Republican Leadership
President of the Senate
Joseph B. Scarnati III (R)
TELEPHONE: (717) 787-7084
(SB 850 Co-Sponsor)

Floor Leader (Majority)
Dominic Pileggi (R)
TELEPHONE: (717) 787-4712
(SB 850 Co-Sponsor- Represents parts of Chester and Delaware Counties)

Whip (Majority)
Jane Clare Orie(R)
TELEPHONE: (717) 787-6538

Caucus Chair (Majority)
Michael L. Waugh (R)
TELEPHONE: (717) 787-3817

Caucus Secretary (Majority)
Robert D. Robbins (R)
TELEPHONE: (717) 787-1322

Appropriations Committee Chair (Majority)
Jake Corman (R)
TELEPHONE: (717) 787-1377

Caucus Administrator (Majority)
Patrick M. Browne (R)
TELEPHONE: (717) 787-1349

Policy Committee Chair (Majority)
John Pippy (R)
TELEPHONE: (717) 787-5839

Remind the Senate FILM creates jobs, promotes commerce, and enriches our community. CALL TODAY! WEDNESDAY IS TOO LATE!

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