SAG: Can you use it for the Competition and HOW?

June 27, 2012 in Newsletter by admin

Looking to use a  SAG actor/ actress in your Project Twenty1 film? The SAG-AFTRA Ultra-Low-Budget Agreement covers you if you want to use just one union actor or a cast of all union actors in your film of less than $200,000 budget.

Do you have to pay the actors or pay yourself if you’re a SAG-AFTRA member who wants to produce a film for Project Twenty1?

No, payment is deferred. If you make money someday on this film then you have to share with cast but no bond, no out of pocket costs except meals and transportation (30 a mile inclusive of any tolls) and any clothing you may ask the actor to buy.

Applying for a SAG-AFTRA Short Film Agreement

1) At bottom of the landing page there is a yellow box on the right that says SIGN SAG Online. Click and then enter a name/password you create for yourself to start the application. It should take about 30 minutes to fill out. If you can’t fill it all out in one sitting just make sure to hit “save” and you can finish it later.

2) SAG-AFTRA suggest that when you enter your project title you add the festival name behind it. Example:  In My Room: Project Twenty1.

3) Be prepared to submit the following:

  • Budget (which may be zero).
  • Cast list (only the union actors).
  • Script (PDF or Final Draft).
  • Scanned copy of your drivers license.

4) When you’ve finished everything hit “submit”. Make sure to submit your paperwork 4-6 weeks in advance.

5) Once it’s submitted you’ll get a return email with all the documents you’ll need.

  • The Production Time Report (Exhibit G/Time sheet).
  • The Final Cast List.
  • The Casting Data Report.
  • The Short Film Performer Employment Contract.

You will also be assigned a business representative who you will have as a paperwork contact. You will then submit all the paperwork after shooting to that rep.

What about the secret element? Won’t that make it impossible to submit the script?

No worries! SAG-AFTRA is aware of the potential for twists at turns at Project Twenty1. Just send in a loose conceptual script with an additional note stating that your project is part of the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition aka “Project Twenty1″.

What if I have other questions about the SAG-AFTRA Short Film Agreement?

Call or email Lynn Koenigsberg. Freelance Contracts, SAG-AFTRA at the below.

Lynn Koenigsberg
Freelance Contracts
SAG-AFTRA Philadelphia
230 S. Broad Street
Suite 500
Philadelphia, PA  19102
(215) 732-0507
(215) 732-0086


Good luck to all our teams!