Sponsorships Available

May 20, 2015 in Featured by Pete


PFAF Awards Winners on the Red Carpet

Project Twenty1 helps to launch artists’ careers. By getting involved, our partners and sponsors allow us to connect independent artists with industry insiders and studios that can help them achieve their goals of becoming professional filmmakers. Project Twenty1 works with dozens of individual, government, and corporate partners and sponsors to bring our programs to reality each year.

At Project Twenty1, our sponsors are much more than just brands; they are fully-integrated partners in our mission and supporters of emerging artists from all walks of life.

We offer many different levels of support to cater to a majority of companies. Of course we are always open to innovative companies looking to combine their brand in unique ways with our festival and events.

Want to join this list? Contact us, or download our PFAF-2014-15PartnershipFlyer.

You can also see our current list of our sponsor partners here.