[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3HGaz0R7U0] It’s here! The Launch Event, and for once we actually podcast during it. This year, 62 Teams of filmmakers […]
Matt gets out of the office and we join him en route to a job with Weston Sound to film […]
Steph and Pete research grants. Steph creates a social media action plan for Norristown Arts Hill. She is also doing […]
We continue to taunt you with our top-secret project, but never fear, you will be able to see it on […]
Steph and Kelly get the webcam function of the new blog camera to work with Skype. As they finish that […]
Do you ever wonder how busy these guys are? Matt gives a quick rundown of all the different events/jobs they […]
Even when Matt and Steph take some time out for dinner, the work never ends. As Matt continues to work […]
Matt and Steph take a break from the office, but continue working on projects for Cinemassacre. Steph talks about the […]
In an attempt to NOT work 24/7, Matt & Steph face off with most of the Cinemassacre Team (and each […]
Matt is up late as usual, among other things he is doing, he gives us a glimpse of the Sinatti […]