Project Twenty1 Podcast #180 – Shiny, Self-Funded Toys

Steph recaps some of the cool art she saw at First Friday. They self-fund some computer upgrades for their new interns, since fundraising is still behind. Project Twenty1 needs help funding their Earth Hour event on March 26th, 2011. Want this event? Put Steph and Matt in contact with sponsors, advertisers & funders! November 6th,…


Project Twenty1 Podcast #121 – New Macs

In the week leading up to the Drop Event, Matt heads up to Pottstown to acquire some new (well, old, but new for our offices!) G5s from Sinatti Pop, who had obtained 9 or 10 from a company upgrading, and at the same time tries to transfer some footage Sinatti’s crew shot at Six Flags…