Project Twenty1 Podcast #251 – As Close To Running As We Do

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AuR2N5duVI] Project Twenty1 gives back to Norristown Arts Hill, as Norristown Arts Hill in turn gives back to their friends at the Ambler Area Running Club by providing volunteers for their summer 5K. So Matt brings Devin, Caroline, and new volunteer Tim along for the fun, and their first day of work outdoors… well, since…


Project Twenty1 Podcast #220 – Matt Becomes Mayor?

The crew needs to get to board elections for Norristown Arts Hill. But first, they need to un-bury vehicles to get camera equipment, but defend other cars from children trying to dig them out so they can film some B-roll of them digging out the cars with the client’s products. So then, ok, Matt doesn’t…