Here are the top 5 jobs we spotted this week in film, animation, and/or media: Note: All jobs were active […]
Today is the big day of the Snow Mover commercial shoot for Innovation Factory. While we can’t show you too […]
Steph gives us the low down on how popular the office is becoming as a location to shoot many different […]
Steph properly welcomes you to 2011, and announces that Cinemassacre has released their documentary on Blobfest called “Blob Town.” Matt […]
Steph reviews some new marketing materials for Project Twenty1 and Cinemassacre. Matt discusses his long task of taking footage that […]
Mo (Sinatti Pop) stops by the office to work on some more tweaks for the “Kiss the Sky” video, as […]
Matt has another project in Center City at the Merriam Theatre for a production of “The Scarlet Letter”. So Steph […]